Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Upcoming Flight Simulation Titles For PC & Mac

Upcoming flight simulation title news - Gaijin Entertainment have updated the World Of Planes website again, adding some screenshots of Korean War era aircraft - Including the F86! OMG that is just super sexeh! Watch a video of the current build:

In other simulation news, Bohemia Interactive are prepping Take On Helicopters for release. From the well known Operation Flashpoint, ArmA & ArmA2 developer, this one looks to be loads of fun!

When we talk flight simulation, we're talking controllers. Mittoni offers an extensive range of Flight Sim orientated peripherals all designed to maximise your experience with these titles. Choose from CH Products range of MILSPEC robust joysticks, pedals and yokes, Logitech joysticks and G940, NaturalPoint's TrackIR series of head tracking devices & don't forget the sensational force feedback headsets from eDimensional. We even have interactive voice control software, so you can order your crew to raise gear... and not have to press any buttons. Easy.

You'll stay on target with Mittoni!