Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year from all of us at Mittoni!

Happy New Year to all our resellers & suppliers, friends & foes! 2011 has been a great year and 2012 looks set to rock hardcore - So.... ARE YOU READY???

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Noctua NF-F12 PWM fan review on RBMods

"it is possible to run this fan at reduced voltage to make it unaudible. Running with the provided RPM-reducer NF-F12 PWM was absolutely silent and you couldn’t hear the noise of it under all the other noise coming from your computer. Also the rubber feet attached to fan will reduce resonating noises from the fan. I’d suggest this fan to anyone who needs silent, yet reasonably powerful fan in their computer with either CPU-cooler or general case fan."

Ville Ilonen - RBMods

Noctua NF-F12 PWM 120mm fan review by RBMods - Introduction & Conclusion.

G.Skill DDR3-2133 F3-17000CL9D-8GBXM memory review by FutureLooks

"This set of G.Skill Ripjaws X is a very solid investment for any system being built. At a capacity of 8 GB and guaranteed to run at up to 2133 MHz (9-11-10-27), it provides a lot of flexibility. It is more than enough to run any game, minor video editing system, and has plenty of overclocking head room for those looking to start at 1600 MHz or 1866 MHz. On top of its versatility, the price... makes it is one of the cheapest sets of RAM you can get at 2133 MHz with CAS 9 latency."

James White - FutureLooks

G.Skill F3-17000CL9D-8GBXM DDR3-2133 memory review by FutureLooks - Introduction & Conclusion.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mittoni Head Office Open 28th, 29th & 30th Dec 2011

Just a quick heads up to let you know our Melbourne head office is open on December 28th, 29th and 30th 2011 to ensure all resellers have access to stock during this peak retail time of year.

PH: 1300 200 000

Please note all DROP-SHIPs or orders for delivery will be dispatched from Vic on these days. Pickups are only available in Vic as the NSW branch is closed during the Xmas-NY period.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The importance of a 'mobile friendly' website & the 'smart phone toting shopper'!

"First of all, 2011 is retail’s biggest year yet online--even bigger than the record-setting online shopping season driven by the strong Aussie dollar last year. Year over year, shopping-related searches are up 29%, making it more important than ever for businesses who want a piece of the action to get online.

However, it looks as though this year’s true Christmas miracle is mobile. While retail has posted impressive gains over last year’s season, the number of shopping queries coming from mobile devices increased 220% year on year. In fact, one quarter of all Christmas shopping-related Google searches this year now come from mobile devices.

This growth may be dramatic, but it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. As we revealed in September, Australia has the second-highest smartphone penetration in the world. And by the end of this year, more than 50% of Australian adults will own a smartphone--just in time for Christmas. They’re using those smartphones to research gifts and contact local businesses. 1 in 5 sometimes even bypass the PC to make online purchases directly via their mobile phones."

Ross McDonald - The Official Google Australia Blog

Read Ross's comments on The Official Google Australia Blog.

Survey highlights need for local retailers to improve online offerings

"According to Getprice, the bells are still tolling for online retail in Australia. However it seems local retailers are missing out on sales due to limited product availability.

With a short two weeks until C-Day, the latest survey by Getprice (of more than 1,800 shoppers), highlights that online is still the preferred channel for Aussie consumers, with two thirds of respondents turning to e-commerce in order to avoid the constant battle for parking and navigating onerous crowds offline."

Nirosha Methananda - Power Retail

Read Nirosha's full commentary on PowerRetail. Mittoni, of course, makes selling online a breeze - So take a moment to overview our CSV files once you log into our website, it could change your life!

Noctua NH-D14 CPU cooler on Review Stash

"Noctua is truly the last word in the industry when it comes to quiet, high-performance air-based cooling products. Three years ago they released the highly regarded NH-U12P heatsink - a unit that was only challenged by the legendary Thermalright and Prolimatech units. Always improving their products, Noctua is once again back at it with a fully redesigned six heatpipe, massive dual fin array tower cooler - the NH-D14 is air cooling at the most high-end level imaginable...

It's really hard to not love Noctua's NH-D14. Ignoring the MSRP, you can usually find the NH-D14 for just ten dollars more than Corsair's H50. The installation is easier, the performance is better, and the quality is much higher - you do not have to worry about leaking anything onto your expensive components. Not only that, but the NH-D14 performs well even with the low RPM fans that Noctua has included; this means, with an additional purchase, it is highly likely that you could get unheard of performance out of your NH-D14. The overall retail package is impressive and definitely makes you feel like you aren't simply purchasing a cooling component, but becoming an "owner" of a Noctua product; Noctua is also one of the few companies to offer a six year warranty. If you're in the market for a new heatsink and can scrounge up the money to purchase the NH-D14, know that your money is being well-spent (even if you aren't overclocking your processor)."

Daniel Levy - Review Stash

Read the full Noctua NH-D14 CPU cooler series review on ReviewStash.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Encyclopedia Of Science Fiction now live

There has always been a correlation between people working in the IT industry and Science Fiction devotees, so this will be a great time waster for YOU!

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction has just gone live, which is a combination of over 20 years work (cripes!). It is a database with thousands of entries to do with all aspects of Sci-Fi....

Thermaltake Toughpower 1200w PSU review on Future Looks

"If you’re on the hunt for something that looks and feels different, I recommend the Thermaltake TPG-1200M NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire 80Plus Gold certified power supply. You can find this elite unit on sale for about $279.99 which is just slightly more than its TPG-1050M sibling. The series is unique, stands firm against the hungriest computer components and will save you money on your power bill. Therefor, I’m giving the TPG-1200M my Editor’s Choice in the 1200 Watt 80Plus Gold level."

Eric Garay - Future Looks

Thermaltake Toughpower 1200w PSU review by Future Looks - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I case reviewed by Real World Labs

"The build quality of the VF-I is quite good, its design is very nice, it has room for a total of 7 fans, USB 3.0 support (VN600A1W2N model), plenty of interior space, enough room for great cable management, tool-less mechanisms for all of the drives and room for the tallest CPU Coolers and longest graphics cards....if you do like its design and set of features then i really doubt you can find something better currently, not in the sub 60Euros category and that's why we are happy to award the Spacecraft VF-I with our Editors Real Deal Award."

Nik Kastrantas - RW Labs

Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I mid tower chassis review by RW Labs - Introduction & Conclusion.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Noctua's new NF-F12 PWM 120mm fan review & deboxing video

"Overall, the Noctua NF-F12 PWM fan is a great fan and definitely maintains the quality and performance that has become associated with Noctua products.The main features that went into this fan, and make it great at the same time include the Focused Flow Frame, stepped inlet design, inner surface microstructures, sso2 bearing, metal bearing shell, Heptaperf Impeller. These innovations have created one of the best fans on the market."

Tyler Bernath - Elite PC Reviews

Read Tyler's full commentary on the brand new 120mm NF-F12 PWM fan from Noctua, Australia's #1 choice for low noise, high performance system builds.

So, like what's in the box?

Logitech K400 keyboard review on TechAU.TV

"Thanks to the lightweight unit, well condensed keyboard boasting a full set of pliable keys, and an impressive multi-touch supported touchpad, the Logitech K400 is an easy and high quality recommendation for anyone looking to get a long distance grip on their HTPC from the comfort of their bed, couch, or floor."

Bryce Wilson - TechAU.TV

Read Bryce's full commentary on the Logitech K400 keyboard.

Thermaltake Frio OCK CPU cooler review on PC Perspective

"Thermaltake has refined and perfected what a truly exceptional heatsink should be when they created the FrioOCK. The massive size of the heatsink, combined with two 130mm fans in a push-pull configuration, helped us attain our highest overclock on an LGA 1155 processor we've every produced. While there were some clearance issues with taller memory modules, the fact that the FrioOCK is affordable, durable, and a monster performer makes this CPU cooler a sweet find for any PC enthusiast or overclocker."

Steve Grever - PC Perspective

Thermaltake Frio OCK CPU cooler review by PC Perspective - Introduction & Conclusion.

Tt eSPORTS Meka G Unit keyboard review on Vortez

"The performance of the keyboard is excellent for gaming as you would expect given the use of Cherry Black MX keys throughout. MMORPG gamers will be thrilled with the amount of macro keys available and for those gamers; this keyboard offers the perfect balance of durability, performance and functionality. It will suit FPS gamers too and is the equal of any other mechanical keyboard on the market at present."

Richard Weatherstone - Vortez

Thermaltake Meka G Unit keyboard review by Vortez - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thermaltake Overseer RX-I chassis review on TechPowerUp

"The Overseer has an interesting feature set, with three fans - two of them 200 mm, an HDD dock, cool pulsating power LED and a nifty looking window. On top of that it can hold the biggest CPU coolers and longest graphics cards, while keeping things nice and tidy within the case."

Darksaber - TechPowerUp

Thermaltake Overseer RX-I chassis review by TechPowerUp - Introduction & Conclusion.

Auzentech i.Fuzen HP1 - The bottom line according to PocketFullOfApps

"The bottom line: The i.Fuzen HP-1 is the best case for the iPhone 4, it won’t ever let you down, and is simply great."

Aaron Whitfield - PocketFullOfApps

Read Aaron's full commentary on Auzentech's excellent i.Fuzen HP1 for iPhone4. The most useful companion to the Apple iPhone 4 is now available from Mittoni. Ordered yours yet?

Auzentech's i.Fuzen HP1 For iPhone 4 examined by iPhoneSpies

"I turned on the numeric battery option (jailbreak settings) to better monitor the charging. Whenever I saw the iPhone come close to 100% I switched the charging off to conserve the battery. By Monday morning the battery pack had 50% battery life left according to the LED status, and my iPhone still charged over 70%... If tethering the internet, streaming, or even playing tunes on the go, the iFuzen could be your best friend."

Joe Rocha - iPhoneSpies

You can read Joe's full commentary on Auzentech's excellent i.Fuzen HP1 for iPhone4.

Auzentech's i.Fuzen HP1 For iPhone 4 reviewed by iPhoneWorld

"The main and most important feature of this case is an amp. It features J-FET OP-AMP to provide Vacuum Tube like sound output with 180mW output power. To enjoy that power all you have to do is press a button on the side of the case. You also get a touch-panel on the front to control volume, which is quite nice. The amp provides higher volume, as well as a broader range for music. Everything feels much richer: be it classical instruments, Drum and Bass or Vocals. The end result is a much richer experience then what you would get with the stock iPhone."

David - iPhoneWorld

You can read David's full commentary on Auzentech's excellent i.Fuzen HP1 now available from Mittoni.

Monday, December 5, 2011

New products from Noctua - Including the D14 SE2011 CPU cooler!

Much to the concern of cooling manufacturers worldwide, Noctua have released two new products, the mesmerising NF-F12 PWM fan & also the highly anticipated NH-D14 SE2011 Edition PWM CPU cooler. Both arrive into stock shortly, so be sure to update your pricelist and website to include the latest offering from Australia's most popular cooling solution provider!

So, just how quiet is the new NH-D14 SE2011 in flight? I could tell you, but you'd never believe me.... So - check this out:

Bigger, quieter & more fun. What more could you want???

Be sure to list both the new Noctua NH-D14 SE2011 Edition PWM CPU cooler & the new 120mm NF-F12 PWM fan at your earliest - savvy consumers have been waiting for these since launch and there are early bird sales to be gained!

* Please do note the new D14 is Intel Socket SE2011 only. It is not a replacement for the existing NH-D14 CPU Cooler which is the multi-socket version (however it comes without clips for SE2011).

Friday, December 2, 2011

Picture a gamer - What do you imagine? If it's a teenage male - You need to rethink your picture!

"The average Australian gamer is 32 years old and we've moved well away from the traditional teenage boy stereotype of a gamer. Australian gamers are parents and grandparents ‘snacking' on games when they're commuting to work on the bus or train, or while they're filling in that little bit of time between meetings."

Dr Jeff Brand, Associate Professor at Bond University - PimpTV

You can read Jeff's full commentary on PiMP.TV.

Gunnar Scope eyewear review on LegitReviews

"I have been using the glasses for a little over two weeks while playing Starcraft II and World of Warcraft. I can honestly say that my overall experience using the SteelSeries Scope pro gaming glasses has been really positive. My eyes are more relaxed and less fatigued while playing these games. I used to play Starcraft II for about 2-3 hours a night and go to bed with sore eyes and sometimes headaches. Since I have been wearing the Scope gaming glasses, I can play longer and have not had a single headache which is a great feeling. The longest gaming session I played was about 6½ hours before I started to feel tired. That, in my opinion, makes these glasses worth the money right there"


SteelSeries & Gunnar Optiks Scope Digital Eyewear review by LegitReviews - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gunnar PPK's examined by GamerTheory

"The first and most noticeable reason was that the harsh contrast of the LCD image was tempered dramatically. The lenses are tinted an amber color, and as a result you don't get any harsh whites in your view. I'm a person that has issues with computer screens, but my job forces me to spend a good 10 hours a day in front of them, so anything that can reduce the strain that the bright white spaces on web pages, programs, and games produce, is a product that has already taken the first step at winning me over.

The second big thing I immediately noticed is that the lenses have a slight magnification effect. My computer monitor resolution is set at 2084x1152, which makes 12 pt. text fairly small. Without having to sacrifice resolution, I get larger print on the screen while wearing the Gunnars. The effect is similar to what reading glasses provide, but they work at any distance from the screen, not just at an ideal one. The magnification really eased up the strain on my eyes and after about an hour I noticed a big improvement in my overall viewing comfort.

...Even if you are just doing lots of typing, the Gunnars provide a noticeable increase in comfort; and for someone like me who deals with eye strain, they're worth every penny."

Jeff Rivera - GamerTheory

Read Jeff's full commentary on Gunnar PPK Indoor Digital Eyewear.

Gunnar PPK indoor digital eyewear review on LVLOne

"We got our hands on a pair of their PPK Gunnar shades and have been test driving them for more then week so here are our thoughts. At first the thought of having to use glasses to enhance your gaming sounds a bit like a gimmick. You have been gaming this whole time without anything so why would you start now? Because they do a good job at what they advertise."

Remdog - LVLOne

Read Remdog's full commentary on Gunnar PPK Indoor Digital Eyewear.