Friday, October 21, 2011

Thermaltake Toughpower 1350w PSU review by OverclockersClub

"The Thermaltake Toughpower 1350W power supply performed very well throughout testing. The voltage regulation is excellent and in combination with satisfactory DC noise levels means good quality DC from zero to full load. It's claimed 80 Plus Silver certification is backed up by a good set of results following the OCC power supply testing methodology that gets as close if not closer than other power supplies in this class."

paulktreg - OverclockersClub

Thermaltake Toughpower 1350w PSU review by OverclockersClub - Introduction & Conclusion.

EverythingUSB examines the Logitech C910 HD Pro webcam

"The Logitech C910 HD Pro Webcam marks an important milestone where Logitech has finally cast off the child-like playfulness of their QuickCam heritage with a new industrial design that seems less like a toy and more like a piece of professional equipment. The shiny, round and ecceltric elements of the previous webcam generation have been traded in for a flat, minimalist profile that feels more at home atop modern LCD screens. The camera lens sits straight in the middle, surrounded by a set of blue activity LEDs and dual microphones. It's this symmetry that truly makes the C910 appear classy."

R. Scott Clark - EverythingUSB

Read the full commentary on the Logitech C910 HD Pro webcam.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Noctua NH-C14 Multi Socket CPU Cooler Review On FrostyTech

"As Frostytech saw with the similiarly paced Noctua NH-D14 heatsink, the Noctua NH-C14 is a big performance cooler that offers excellent cooling for thermal loads up to 150W with relatively little noise output.

If your computer can accommodate the large size of this heatsink (with both fans, or one), you'll be pleased with it. The attention to build quality, the ease of installation, the effort to reduce vibration and noises; it's all there in this well designed thermal solution that offers up excellent thermal performance."

M. Page - FrostyTech

Noctua NH-C14 CPU cooler review by FrostyTech - Introduction & Conclusion.

* Please also note the mentioned NH-C14 fan support bar is also available and in stock, should you want it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Logitech Couch Mouse M515 On TechReviewSource

"The Logitech Couch Mouse M515 does support both PC and Mac, however, without the software and was setup on both platforms by just plugging the receiver into an open USB port. Installation of the default drivers takes only a few seconds and you're ready to go.

Since this mouse is marketed as a "couch mouse", we thought it was apt to give it a test run on a few fabric surfaces. We tried a few couches, a bed and carpet with complete success. It actually surprised us quite a bit when it was able to work on all these surfaces that the majority of other mice wouldn't been unable to track movement. The M515 even worked flawlessly on carpet with a very rough-contoured surface."


Read the full Logitech Couch Mouse M515 review by TechReviewSource here.

G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3-1866 memory kits on Eteknix

"The bottom line is that we can’t fault this particular set of modules, as they offer an extreme look, extreme performance but a value price tag and who can really grumble at that? Having the close neck performance to 2133MHz kits and having some headroom for overclocking shows that G.Skill are still as good as ever and will continue to be as they slowly take the market by storm."

Andy Ruffell - Eteknix

Read the full G.Skill RipJawsX DDR3-1866 memory kits review by Eteknix here.

G.Skill RipjawsX 8GB F3-17000CL9D-8GBXM Memory Kit Review On Bjorn3D

"The RipjawsX memory modules have awesome looking heatspreaders which will be a great addition to any modder's or gamer's rig. That being said the 2133MHz frequency allows for a marked increase in performance and even an improvement in latency, which means that even if just in a workstation system the efficiency will be improved which will net better performance. We know that most workstations are not looking for high performance memory but all in all, they perform very well and with the XMP compatibility, this kit is very user-friendly.

The heatspreader quality is good, has an excellent look and the blue color should fit many designs. The thermal application of the heatspreader is very impressive, as we have seen many other kits which had poor contact with the IC's.

Overall, with the price point these modules ask, they perform very well and offer some nice style. These can be recommended for any gamer or enthusiast looking for a memory upgrade. With the dropping price of modules these days, and renowned G.Skill quality, these modules are hard to pass up. Anyone looking to build a Sandy Bridge system or even just a memory upgrade these are worth a look."

Shannon Robb - Bjorn3D

G.Skill 8Gb DDR3 RipJawsX F3-17000CL9D-8GBXM memory kit review by Bjorn3D - Introduction & Conclusion.

Never under estimate the importance of your packaging....

"Many online retailers underestimate the customer thrill of opening a purchase, but Shoes of Prey have this marketing and branding opportunity all wrapped up!"

Michael Fox - PowerRetail

Read the report on the under estimated importance of packaging in the online shopping experience.

Bridging the gap between online & in store for multichannel players

"Online retail is fast becoming a customer’s preferred shopping method. But there are limitations. Bared, a Melbourne based footwear brand, is trying to bridge the gap between in-store and online by allowing customers to book a Skype appointment to help them shop."

Natasha Sholl - PowerRetail

Read the report on leveraging technology to provide an 'in store' experience for online shoppers.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Battlefield 3: Desktop PC Gaming Platform Recharged

"It’s not just game-connected sales that will make the Battlefield 3 launch a truly important event, it's that desktop PCs have been growing less important for so long now that component manufacturers are desperately looking for profitable reasons to continue producing enthusiast hardware products. In my best Field of Dreams voice: "Make it hardware dependent, and they will buy".

Which brings us to a growing trend present in today's computer software: increased hardware dependence. Without drifting into an entirely different topic, I'll relegate this portion of my op-ed to quickly point out that software has steadily grown dependent on more memory and storage space, as well as more powerful central and graphics processors. In our own tests with the Battlefield 3 Beta, we noted how BF3 (in public beta form) consumed nearly 2GB of system memory while demanding up to 50% usage across all eight processor cores... Even despite using the most powerful video card currently available. This same trend has been seen elsewhere across the spectrum: from the latest Microsoft Windows Operating System to the everyday applications we install atop the O/S. Regardless of its classification as a video game, which tends to promote GPU dependence more than anything else, BF3 is software that places demand on every hardware component inside the computer case.

Ultimately, this means that performance-oriented computer hardware will once again be in demand, and those hardcore gamers wanting to experience Battlefield 3 with highest-quality video settings will be required to upgrade system components. It also means that desktop computer hardware, suffering diminished sales in the age of highly-capable mobile phone and game consoles, will stay relevant for just a while longer. The video card has always been the driving force in graphics quality performance, and now the CPU and RAM have become equally important at delivering the top-end experience. True performance enthusiasts refuse to wait, which also means that now SSDs could be the storage drive of choice to help speed-up game and map loading. Of course, you can't have the fastest video card, processor, and system memory, without also having the latest motherboard platform. It all comes together, and means big potential sales for the hardware industry."

Olin Coles - BenchmarkReviews

Take a few moments to read through Olin's commentary on how the New Beef has meant the rebirth of the gaming PC, a monster many have neglected whilst they've played console titles over the last couple of years.

Are you getting involved in the massive spike in PC gaming hardware sales at present? Gamers seek memory upgrades, SSDs, sound cards, cases, gaming keyboards & gaming mice, etc - RIGHT NOW, so start talking BF3 today - it'll be worth it!

Lian Li PC-Z60 chassis review on Aphnetworks

"If you are wondering what it takes to make an all aluminum chassis that is simply matchless in quality and refinement, the Lian Li PC-Z60 is a fine example of what the company stands for since 1983. Continuing their long tradition of excellence in paying excellent attention to detail in manufacturing, the Lian Li PC-Z60 once again shows us why aluminum cases are so desirable: Besides great looks, it is also extremely lightweight; making it ideal if you ever need to attend LAN parties or go anywhere with your computer.

I am also pleased with the PC-Z60's clean exterior design in classic Lian Li fashion, robust tool-free installation system that actually works, internal USB 3.0, innovative integrated cable management system, and a lockable SATA hot swap bay behind the front removable panel for maximum convenience.

The case has been an absolute pleasure to use from the time the retail box is opened, to the moment my completed system is turned on."

Jonathan Kwan - Aphnetworks

Lian Li PC-Z60 review by Aphnetworks - Introduction & Conclusion.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Have You Read The Power Retail Special Reports?

"Beginning with ‘The Analytics Imperative’, Power Retail’s Special Reports take an in-depth analytical view of important issues for online and multichannel retailers, presented as a minimum 12 page PDF."

Available reports include: 'Merchandising', 'Leveraging Marketplaces', 'Store-To-Door', 'Building Loyalty' and a whole load more. They're really well worth a read, even for the more experienced online and multichannel retailers. Take a look at Power Retail's Special Reports.

Get Some Top Ecommerce Tips From Leading Australian Retailers On PowerRetail

"Brimming with e-commerce inspiration, but not sure about the next steps? Get a little help from Cracka Wines, OzSale, Milan Direct, Ted’s Cameras and OzHut."

Neha Kale - PowerRetail

Get tips from some Aussie Ecomm industry leaders now!

The SEO eCommerce Checklist on FirstRate

"Our consulting team is often asked about what areas should be focused on when thinking about search for purchase driven or etail sites, as in today’s retail market companies really need to gain that competitive advantage. So, we’ve compiled this checklist as a foundation for what we like to call a ‘search friendly’ site."

Oakley - FirstRate

Read the full SEO eCommerce Checklist.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three men and a Battlefield beta - Thoughts & Comments By

"When it comes to a game as phenomenally, site-crashingly popular as Battlefield 3, we can't stop at just one person's opinion. Hardcore FPS maniac James Pinnell, former pro-gamer turned eSports writer Alex Walker and hollering idiot Tim Colwill sat down for an exhausting round table on all things Battlefield 3, Origin and Battlelog."

You can read the full Battlefield 3 beta commentary here.

If you're drooling, don't forget to check into Mittoni's extensive range of FPS orientated gear:

Gaming Keyboards.
High Speed Gaming Mice.
Low Friction Mousing Surfaces (aka Mouse Pads).
FPS Impact Vests.

Got game? Get Mittoni!

Rolling The DICE & Talking BF3 @ AtomicMPC

"the PR team asked us for some feedback on the game. “I’m a PC guy, ya see,” I said, and got nods of commiseration that pretty much said we needn’t say more. Needless to say, this event, and the majority of SP/co-op events so far, have all been console-driven. Having just come off the beta (and yes, it is like coming off a drug, complete with withdrawals, depression, and mild shakes), anything less than PC perfection is a definite let-down."

David Hollingworth - AtomicMPC Online.

“anything less than PC perfection is a definite let-down” David H with the WORD!

You can read the full Battlefield 3 commentary from David here.

It's Hammer Time @ AtomicMPC!

"So there you are, thinking you’ve pretty much seen everything that a PC case can throw at you. Every variation of tool-less and tooled, motherboards flipped all over the place, fans in “how did they get that in there” configurations and more. You get a little jaded, a little “Oh – it’s just a case”. And then, you get that ray of light, that ‘Eureka!’ moment that you didn’t even know you were waiting for. In other words, you open up a case like Lian Li’s new Hammer, and it’s almost literally like a blow from that tool straight to your frontal lobes – in a good way!"

David Hollingworth - AtomicMPC Online.

You can read the full Lian Li PC-90 "The Hammer" commentary from David here.

Motor racing madness - Forza4, DiRT3, F1 2011 & the list goes on!

With recent releases of the popular titles F1 2011 and DiRT3 we have another option for the motofreaks for the Xbox - Forza4! Now available, these fantastic racing titles are immersive, enjoyable and addictive. They're the kind of games that make people want to 'go a little deeper' into the experience. Mittoni is all about immersive gaming experiences. The reason we are INTO PCS is immersive gaming experiences.... Everything else with the PC is an 'additional and under utilised feature'…..

Get into motor racing today with our line up of Playseats, the Roccaforte, G27, TrackIR & Boomchair (feel the ZROOOOM with da boom!). When you're ready for it to sound like it should, check out our Auzentech soundcards and Logitech Z906's - gorgeous big beautiful full sound!

So... Let's get some blood pumping:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow Edition chassis review on BenchmarkReviews

"The Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow Edition goes for $290 on That's not always an easy pill to swallow and it resides at the top end of computer cases in terms of price. It is less than half the price of its predecessor, however. And while it may reside at the top end of cases in cost, it also resides there in terms of functionality, construction, performance, and appearance. Because of everything the Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow Edition has to offer computing enthusiast, the price tag, in my opinion, is well worth it. Honestly, if you want a case that will keep your system cool, keep your cables in line, and look cool doing it, you need the Level 10 GT Snow Edition. This is the best case I have seen to date and it is the one I will be using until I find a worthy opponent."

Hank Tolman - BenchmarkReviews

Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow Edition chassis review by BenchmarkReviews - Introduction & Conclusion.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler User Review On AtomicMPC

"Noctua is definitely renowned for making good coolers. The U12 and U9 are both examples of that. Noctua is also infamous for their ghastly cream and maroon fans. But the NH-D14 doesn't care that it's fans are ugly or that it's extremely big. It does what it knows best, to cool that CPU."

Contortion - AtomicMPC.

Interestingly, Contortion's main concern seemed to be the physical size of the NH-D14 CPU cooler. Noctua do understand that not everyone wants or has room for such a monster, so they designed the NH-C14 to address these concerns. Peeps are over the moon about the NH-D14's performance, however it's little brother, the NH-C14 is far more widely compatible with chassis and - here's the low down - it performs almost on par with the Austrian Sandwich. Here's a quick reminder from Overclockers Australia where they have compared the NH-C14, the NH-D14 and some other contenders:

"Noctua's NH-C14 proves to be a versatile solution for those who upgrade their case regularly and don't want to be stuck with a ginormous cooler limiting their upgrade paths, or just prefer to choose a cooling solution that is able to take a lot of CPU heat while maintaining low noise levels in a HTPC desktop or tower case configuration. While its single fin array is half of what the big brother NH-D14 sports, it was able to keep up with it during our tests surprisingly well, considering the lower surface area."


You can read the Noctua NH-D14 review on AtomicMPC here and the Noctua NH-C14 review from OCAU here.

12 HDD RAID Enclosure from..... Lego?

We recently featured an unusual use for a CPU cooler - model railway builds. Here is another 'left field' example of technology at play - using Lego to build a 12 drive RAID enclosure.

Damn..... I've been reminded so many times over the years why I shouldn't have given away all those tubs of Lego I'd collected as a kid. So many uses..... So $$$ in collectors value! So many NAS enclosures to build - guess I'll have to stick to our excellent range of storage enclosures.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tt eSPORTS Meka mechanical keyboard reviewed by HardwareHeaven

"The first thing which concerns most people when considering a mechanical keyboard is the noise level which they can generate. In the case of the Meka G Unit we have quiet ("non clicky") keys which are no louder than the average keyboard"

Stuart Davidson - HardwareHeaven

Tt eSPORTS Meka mechanical keyboard review by HardwareHeaven - Introduction & Conclusion.

Tt eSPORTS Shock gaming headset review on TechwareLabs

"If you need a decent gaming headset and are on a budget, the Shock is for you. Bear in mind the sound quality won’t beat out your $200 Sennheiser headphones, but they will stomp the iPod stock headphones that you’ve been using into the ground. As the Tt eSPORTS Shock can be found for under $50 it represents quite a value... Overall this is a solid headset and definitely worth your money."

Chris - TechwareLabs

Tt eSPORTS Shock gaming headset review by BenchmarkReviews - Introduction & Conclusion.

Battlefield 3 system build guide on PCPerspective

"Let's be honest - if you aren't gaming on your PC you are probably working to save money so you can game on your PC. For you, not having the latest hardware isn't really an option it is just something ingrained in your psyche and MUST BE DONE."

Ryan Shrout - PC Perspective

Read the full article.

Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I budget mid tower examined by BenchmarkReviews

"The Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I is a cheap case with lot's of potential. It is minimal in all the right areas and for that reason it has won me over. I was sceptical of this cases potential when I first got it and have a little look around it, it wasn't until I installed some hardware into it that I realised it wasn't such a low end case after all. There aren't many sub €60 cases that have a 2.5" SSD mount and support for watercooling"

Steven Iglesias-Hearst - BenchmarkReviews

Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I budget mid tower chassis review by BenchmarkReviews - Introduction & Conclusion.