Thursday, September 22, 2011

Logitech Z906 speaker review on TechAU

"In amongst all the explosions, gunfire, cussing and background noise I was still able to hear a surprising amount of detail. The sound was crisp, perky and above all else definitely miles ahead of things I’d heard on TV and through my old speaker system. Secondly I fired up a copy of Avatar, perhaps one of the most visually impressive films of all time that also features an impressive audio mix. Distant animal cries, ambient sounds and other things poked through, things I’d never heard or detected before. Bass performance during action scenes was impressive and I felt it never washed or drowned out the important sounds coming from the satellites themselves. Even my housemate was astounded by the quality of the sound, at one point commenting it actually sounded like my room was a rainforest. It sounds zany, but this compact system is one of the best cost to performance systems on the market. The Z906 is impressive, to say the least."

Bryce Wilson - TechAU

Logitech Z906 review by TechAU - Full Article.