Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Train Simulator 2012 released on 23rd Sept

The latest version of Railworks, now known as Train Simulator, has just been released. Featuring detailed driveable routes from the UK, US and Germany along with new graphics highlights such as rain and lighting effects this title is sure to please rail fans country wide!

Hmmmm... We have yokes, pedals and joysticks for flight sims. We have racing wheels for motor sports sims. If you think we don't have anything for rail simulation titles - you'd be wrong! The vast majority of the cab controls in both steam and diesel locomotives are levers - and that’s exactly what the Ch Products Quad Throttle does. Aside from the obvious throttle controls, use another lever for brake pipe pressure, sanding, etc. You'll find using the Quad Throttle for rail sims is a fantastic way of immersing yourself deeply into the title. With a number of incredibly popular rail sim titles currently available including the Aussie developed Trainz 2012 and the new Train Simulator 2012, there’s never been a better opportunity to break into this dedicated, yet surprisingly large, gaming community.