Thursday, December 31, 2015

ASUS Present The Standard By Which All Other Motherboards Are Measured - The ROG Maximus Series

"For quite some time, ASUS' Republic of Gamers motherboards have been the standard for which all others have been measured. Not only becasue of the branding and traditional red and black theming, but because the ROG brand is continually evolving to meet the needs of the target market.

At one point the ROG boards were limited to a single board in ASUS' product stack. But now you get a whole silo full of boards that meet the needs at each price point and form factor. Be it as support for Intel or AMD in both the extreme and mid-ranged segment, ASUS has the gamer covered...

There is no mistaking an ROG product on the shelf. The blood red color is unique to the ROG brand. The front side of the packaging is a bit minimalistic, with the Republic of Gamers logo at the top left and the motherboard name right across the mid section of the box"

ccokeman - OverclockersClub (full article). Learn more about the ASUS Maximus Motherboard lineup.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


"Performance wise this particular card is on the level we expected it to be. Since the R9 390X is basically a rebrand of the 290X with 4 GB of additional memory, it's able to score a few more frames especially running UHD. Most games, when they're being run at UHD, require more than 4GB of VRAM and that is actually where the 390X with 8GB scores."

Marc Buchel - OCAholic.

ASUS STRIX-R9390X-DC3OC-8GD5-GAMING graphics card review by OCAholic - Introduction & Conclusion.

Vortez Review SilverStones Raven X RVX01 Chassis

"Adopting the renowned 90-degree motherboard tray rotation, RVX01 not only offers up a quirky internal layout but when combined with the trio of Air Penetrator cooling fans, the cooling performance is exceptional. The positive pressure design to which SilverStone has enforced for many years has proven time and again how reliable and efficient this methodology is."

David Mitchelson - Vortez.

SilverStone Raven X RVX01 review by Vortez - Introduction & Conclusion.

Headin2001 From OCAU Forums Reviewed ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO Motherboard

"Asus and the Republic of Gamers have come up with another fantastic board for the enthusiast. The software included is plentiful and covers everything you could possibly need to use your motherboard the way it’s designed. From the included AiSuite for in OS overclocking and fan controls, to the LED Control Centre for adding that personal touch, it’s all there. The looks carry on the now long traditional red and black theme with shades of grey. The VRM setup is top notch, and the heatsink cooling it does a fantastic job. Matt black finish to the PCB itself allows everything to tie in together nicely. The board layout is well thought out to remove the chance of any unnecessary conflicts between cables and GPU’s or other add-in cards."

headin2001 - OCAU forum member.

ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO review on OCAU forums - Full review.

OCAholic Report ASUS MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME Motherboard Is An Ideal Platform

"the ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme is a true high-end motherboard. If you're planning on overclocking your Skylake CPU, no matter whether it's extreme overclocking or aircooled OC, this is an ideal platform. Apart from that this board is also a great choice for powerful gaming system as well as workstations, which pack a good punch. We appreciate that many different storage devices can be attached no matter if they feature an M.2, SATA, SATA Express or even U.2 connector."

Marc Buchel - OCAholic.

ASUS MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME motherboard review by OCAholic - Introduction & Conclusion.

On Top Of Your Short List - Where ASUS Z170 Deluxe Belongs Writes HardwareCanucks!

"this board offers a laundry list of forward-looking features for user who have an eye towards future expansion without the need for pricy add-in cards. Is it expensive? Hell yes. Does it offer value for the money? You bet."

AkG - HardwareCanucks.

ASUS Z170 Deluxe review by HardwareCanucks - Introduction & Conclusion.

ASUS X99 Sabertooth Motherboard On OCAholic

"the ASUS X99 Sabertooth is a well-built motherobard that comes with a plethora of features. Like with all Sabertooth motherboards the X99 model also received the TUF armor, which consists of a front cover and a reinforcement plate on the back. Other than that there is a very decent power design next to other high quality components."

Marc Buchel - OCAholic.

ASUS SABERTOOTH X99 review by OCAholic - Introduction & Conclusion.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

NikkTech Impressed With G.Skill MX780 Mouse

"The Avago ADNS-9800 laser sensor is very fast, accurate and reliable as it has been numerous times in the past but it's thanks to the nicely designed body (it may look strange but it's actually very comfortable) and the adjustable weight and height that allow the MX780 to stand out from most gaming mice in the market."


G.Skill RIPJAWS MX780 mouse review by NikkTech - Introduction & Conclusion.

Friday, December 4, 2015

PC Perspective Review Asus Maximus VIII Gene Motherboard

"The Maximus VIII Gene motherboard lives up to its ROG namesake with impressive stock and overclocked performance. All of its integrated peripherals and subsystems also exhibit top-notch performance, further reinforcing the board's stellar build quality."

Morry Teitelman - PC Perspective.

ASUS MAXIMUS VIII GENE motherboard reviewed by PC Perspective - Introduction & Conclusion.

Silverstone RVZ02B-W -No Problem- Writes Jase From Benchmark Reviews

"Performance wise, given the inherent qualities and limitations in cooling capacities that come with small form factor cases, this case would perform well. With it’s large vents, and graphics card segregation, it should have no problem handling a decent gaming system."

Jason Vaught - Benchmark Reviews.

Silverstone RVZ02B-W SFF chassis on Benchmark Reviews - Introduction & Conclusion.

Cease Fire! Its Christmas.... Says Microsoft?

Treve de Noel 2015?

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thermaltake Suppressor F31 Chassis Will Last A Lifetime Reports eTeknix

"Thermaltake have really gone all out when it comes to build quality on this chassis. The side panels alone are insanely thick and heavy, so much so that it seems almost pointless having the noise dampening material installed, but it certainly couldn’t hurt. If you’re the kind of person who kicks your PC in a fit of rage while gaming, it’ll take its beating without sustaining damage, but I can’t say the same for the bones in your foot."

Peter Donnell - eTeknix.

Thermaltake Suppressor F31 chassis review by eTeknix - Introduction & Conclusion.

ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme On Legit Reviews

"The ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme is one of the most feature packed Z170 motherboards I have seen. With massive support for virtually every modern storage type, a top notch design, overclocking features that range from basic to expert level and ASUS legendary quality. You will be hard pressed to find a better motherboard"

Steven Kean - Legit Reviews.

ASUS MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME motherboard review by Legit Reviews - Introduction & Conclusion.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Something You Hand Down To Your Children - Silverstone EBA01 Wows Benchmark Reviews

"Solid aluminum, and when I say solid, I mean solid. This headphone stand weighs over 3 pounds by itself. I don’t see any set of headphones outlasting this stand. With it’s 2cm base and it’s shear mass, this stand will be something you hand down to your children one day. Given how weighted the base is, no headphones will be able to topple it over"

Jason Vaught - Benchmark Reviews.

SilverStone EBA01 headphone stand examined by Benchmark Reviews - Full review.

OCAholic Check Out ASUS Maximus VIII Impact Motherboard

"The Maximus VIII Impact is a very fast motherboard, which comes with a great feature mix. There are numerous overclocking settings and tools and apart from that there is the usual high quality audio hardware, which makes this a state-of-the-art motherboard for mini-ITX-gaming."

Marc Buchel - OCAholic.

ASUS MAXIMUS VIII IMPACT motherboard review by OCAholic - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Put A Riing On It Says Think Computers - An RGB Riing For That Special System In Your Life!

"Another important characteristic of fans is how quiet they are. The hydraulic bearing on these fans self-lubricates with a high quality, friction-reducing substance which lowers operating noise and improves efficiency. The fans also have anti-vibration rubber pads on each corner. Remember you can turn the fans down too the low noise level which is 29% quieter.

Of course the big selling point for these fans is the RGB LED ring that sits on the inside of each fan. These add a cool feature to your build and when running do look pretty awesome. The LED ring is RGB so you can select between 256 different colors. The included controller makes this possible, you can select red, blue, white, and green pre-programmed colors or you can go into 256 color mode which cycles through all 256 colors. While in 256 color mode you can hit the pause button on the controller to lock in that color. You also have the ability to turn the LED ring off if you want."

Bob Buskirk - Think Computers.

Thermaltake Riing RGB fans reviewed by Think Computers - Introduction & Conclusion.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

eTeknix Gets A Crush On Tt Core X9 Chassis... Pete Reports Its Too Bonkers Not To Want One!

"I’m seriously in love with the Thermaltake Core X9, it’s just too bonkers not to want one... Build quality is rock solid throughout, everything is reinforced and durable, while also being amazingly easy to work with. Every major component is fitted with easily accessible thumb screws, allowing you to remove side panels, hard drive trays, cooling brackets, the motherboard tray and more. This means you can install your hardware onto the brackets, then re-insert the bracket, making it very easy to work with such a big chassis. Cable management is everywhere you would need it and there’s a good amount of hiding space for extra cables too."

Peter Donnell - eTeknix.

Thermaltake Core X9 chassis review by eTeknix - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thermaltake Suppressor F31 Chassis Review On Think Computers

"Another Thermaltake Suppressor case has come under our microscope and we really couldn’t find anything wrong with it and hell they even made adjustments since the F51! Right now you can pick up this case for $99 at our favorite online retailer, which is a great price given all of its features! Overall ThinkComputers gives the Thermaltake Suppressor F31 case a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!"

Bob Buskirk - ThinkComputers.

Thermaltake Suppressor F31 chassis review by ThinkComputers - Introduction & Conclusion.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Noctua NH-D9L CPU Cooler Is 100 Percent Kickass - 3DGameman

Noctua NH-D9L CPU cooler review by 3DGameman.

Chad From TweakTown Writes Tt Suppressor F31 Chassis Is A Brick Outhouse...

"What we have found out about this Suppressor F31 is that externally you are given a brick outhouse of a chassis. Short of an earthquake leveling the house, or a toss out of a moving vehicle, this chassis is designed to be much stronger than it needs to be, and we would have no issues standing on this chassis, even at double our current weight. The design is simple yet elegant, and in every aspect possible, every attempt is made to kill any noise that starts life inside of this case. The front, the sides, optional fan locations, this is all covered. On top of that, the art of redirection works just about as well for cases as it does for magicians, simply changing the way you perceive it makes all the difference in the world."

Chad Sebring - TweakTown.

Thermaltake Suppressor F31 chassis review by TweakTown - Introduction & Conclusion.

The MX780 Is As Good As It Gets - eTeknix Wowed By G.Skill RGB Mouse!

"The build quality on the MX780 is as good as it gets, with a mixture of grippy plastics coating the nicely finished aluminium chassis. The switches are sublime to use, and the sensor is honestly as good as you could ever hope for. The addition being able to customise the mouse is also very welcome, such as being able to raise the rear section of the mouse to better suit your hand size and grip type, the addition of the 2 x 4.5g weights and the magnetic locking side-panels to change the grips and even switch the mouse between left and right-handed configurations; it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into the design."

Peter Donnell - eTeknix.

G.Skill Ripjaws MX780 mouse review by eTeknix - Introduction & Conclusion.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Legit Reviews Examine The G.Skill Ripjaws MX780 Mouse

"G.SKILL got creative with its first computer mouse. Though the ideas as features are not unique on their own – there are gaming mice out there with modular pieces, adjustable height, RGB light strips, and metal construction – the RIPJAWS MX780 brings a lot of them together. It’s a busy looking mouse, yet its aggressive appearance has class."

David Yee - Legit Reviews.

G.Skill MX780 mouse review by Legit Reviews - Introduction & Conclusion.

ASUS Maximus VIII Impact Motherboard Reviewed By TweakTown

"The Maximus VIII Impact is a mini-ITX motherboard, and most people don't associate the two with extreme overclocking. However, since the board only has two DIMMs, prior experience would indicate much higher memory overclocking margins than four DIMM motherboards. ASUS backs this with 4133MHz memory support, and my testing seems to confirm easy XMP with higher frequency DDR4 kits. Moving the VRM to a daughterboard also allows for a much higher performance VRM, and the Maximus VIII Impact's VRM rivals that of many Z170 motherboards. BIOS support for extreme overclocking is also present, and all the OC features you need are pretty much present."

Steven Bassiri - TweakTown.

ASUS Maximus VIII Impact review by TweakTown - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

PC Perspective Check Out The Deepcool Gabriel Low Profile CPU Cooler

"The DEEPCOOL Gamer Storm Gabriel is a compact cooler with an attractive aesthetic, good build quality, and premium feel that belies its $34.99 retail price (when purchased). In testing it proved to be a solid performer, handling even a modest overclock without coming close to the thermal limits of the test system's Core i5 processor. And while the low-profile design is the primary selling point, the Gabriel also offers a high quality 120 mm fan which is very quiet under normal loads."

Sebastian Peak - PC Perspective.

Deepcool Gamer Storm Gabriel low profile CPU cooler review by PC Perspective - Introduction & Conclusion.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

3DGameman Says Noctua NH-L9x65 Cooler Is Kickass

Noctua NH-L9x65 lower profile CPU cooler review by 3DGameman.

eTeknix Review ASUS Z170I PRO GAMING Motherboard - Its The Best!

"In conclusion, the motherboard’s fantastic layout helps with cable management, and embeds a wonderful specification for the money. While it’s not perfect, ASUS have produced a marvelous, feature-rich motherboard which is accessible to the majority of PC gamers. This is certainly the best ITX package I’ve seen so far and deserves our Editor’s Choice for that reason alone."

John Williamson - eTeknix.

ASUS Z170I PRO GAMING motherboard review by eTeknix - Introduction & Conclusion.

DeepCool GamerStorm Assassin II CPU Cooler On NikkTech

"The moment we received the DeepCool GamerStorm Assassin II a while back we had but one question, how would it compare to the Noctua NH-D15S which we also got roughly at the same time (would be nice to see how it compares to the original Assassin but we never got one to test). Now it may not be exactly a “fair” comparison since the NH-D15S features a single 140mm PWM fan but its build quality is better than that of the Assassin II so it’s still good to see that both coolers have similar performance both in terms of cooling efficiency and noise levels."


Deepcool Assassin II CPU cooler review by NikkTech - Introduction & Conclusion.

Friday, November 13, 2015

G.Skill F4-3200C16D-16GTZB Impresses @ TweakTown

"Super sleek and attractive design, a color combination that is hard to beat, and super solid performance! On top of that, they have more to give for the tinkerers out there. G.SKILL has completely impressed us with their Trident Z DDR4 dual-channel memory."

Chad Sebring - TweakTown.

G.Skill F4-3200C16D-16GTZB review by TweakTown - Full review.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

OverclockersClub Report It Gets No Better Than An ASUS Maximus VIII Gene Motherboard

"the ASUS Maximus VIII Gene is a motherboard that should be on your shopping list. It offers great performance out of the box with a tremendously effective software suite of tools. For an M-ATX motherboard, it does not get any better when you look at the performance it delivers when paired with Intel's latest Skylake processors."

ccokeman - OverclockersClub.

ASUS MAXIMUS VIII GENE motherboard review by OverclockersClub - Introduction & Conclusion.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme Motherboard Is A Stunner... TweakTown Gets Smitten!

"Overall the ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Extreme is a stunner. It's a motherboard fully capable of extreme overclocking, loaded with bleeding edge consumer technology, all residing on a high quality backbone."

Steven Bassiri - TweakTown.

ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard review by TweakTown - Introduction & Conclusion.

Techspot Say Thermaltake Core P5 Open Frame Chassis Is Totally Off The Wall... Or On It... Brilliant!

"Having the ability to wall mount the Core P5 is what makes this case special, though it also looks great standing on the supplied feet or lying flat on the rubber standoffs. The modular design of the Core P5 is great and we appreciate the added flexibility to change the orientation of the expansion cards... For the price, the case's build quality is excellent. Its design is solid for the most part and we thoroughly enjoyed building a few systems in the Core P5. It's easy to create a clean build."

Steven Walton - Techspot.

Thermaltake Core P5 open frame chassis review by Techspot - Introduction & Conclusion.

G.Skill RIPJAWS SR910 7.1 USB Headset Kicks Ass Reports Guru3D

"for movies it kicks the proverbial ass as the headset really excels there thanks to near LFE like subwoofer experiences. We have to acknowledge the fact that this is a true gaming headset, and there it works really well. The audio envelope is sharp enough, once tweaked it can thump in explosions and offers plenty of bass. Obviously with 7.1 audio channels you will have an advantage over the competitor in your FPS game, as you can really hear people moving behind you or sneak up on you. Increasing the volume of say the rear and side noises can make you very aware of the enemy closing in on you (but also can deafen you when a grenade explodes in close proximity hehe)."

Hilbert Hagedoorn - Guru3D.

G.Skill RIPJAWS SR910 7.1 USB headset review by Guru3D - Introduction & Conclusion.

Monday, November 9, 2015

PC Perspective Write Thrustmaster T150 Wheels Are A Gateway Drug To The Digital Racing World

"Thrustmaster set out to redefine the entry level enthusiast wheel, and I think they did a very good job overall... It offers a lot of really good features at a competitive price ($200 US), and it spends its money wisely in areas that would see the most utility... If a user is exploring the idea of becoming more serious about their racing games, then I highly suggest taking a look at the Thrustmaster T150."

Josh Walrath - PC Perspective.

Thrustmaster T150 racing wheel review by PC Perspective - Introduction & Conclusion.

BenchmarkReviews Examine The SilverStone Tundra Series TD02-SLIM LCS

"I would recommend the SilverStone Tundra TD02 Slim to anyone who is looking for a good AIO liquid cooler with a case that requires it. There are plenty of options on the market for AIO liquid coolers, but the TD02 has a special niche that just might be the ticket for your needs."

Jason Maxfield - BenchmarkReviews.

SilverStone Tundra TD02 Slim liquid cooling loop on BenchmarkReviews - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

TweakTown Report On G.Skill RIPJAWS KM780 RGB Keyboard - The Most Feature Rich Offering Ever Tested!

"They offer you a solid product, they fill the box with all kinds of extra goodies, and as a whole, the G.SKILL KM780 RGB is the most feature rich offering we have ever tested, and with lesser boards that cost more, doing the math is pretty easy to see the massive value in this keyboard"

Chad Sebring - TweakTown.

G.Skill RIPJAWS KM780 RGB keyboard review by TweakTown - Introduction & Conclusion.

3DGameman Video Review - SilverStone 750w Strider ST75F-PT PSU

SilverStone 750w Strider ST75F-PT PSU review by 3DGameman.

Joanne Tech Lover Updates An ASUS Motherboard BIOS

Updating your BIOS is something all enthusiasts will need to do from time to time, whether to fix issues or access new software features and this video gives a good indication as to what is involved with updating an ASUS motherboard BIOS.

APH Networks Writes GSkill F4-3000C15D-16GVRB Is The Chosen One...

"If you were to buy RAM today for your new build today, in my personal opinion, it all boils down to one rather trivial question: Which heatspreader do you like more? If you like a more traditional and visually complex design, the Ripjaws V is for you. If you want a cleaner, more modern design, the Trident Z is where the money is. You cannot go wrong with any one of these high bandwidth, big capacity, and low latency memory kits either way -- so evaluate at your priorities, no matter how trivial, and choose accordingly."

Jonathan Kwan - APH Networks.

G.Skill F4-3000C15D-16GVRB DDR4-3000 memory kit review by APH Networks - Introduction & Conclusion.

The Sound Blaster X7 Is An Amplifier That Has It All - TweakTown

"The Sound Blaster X7 is an amplifier that has it all. With a plethora of in and out connections, control available through smartphones or computers, an easy-to-understand layout, fail-safe equalizer pre-sets for the newbies, and the addition of Bluetooth/NFC means, I can highly recommend this product to anyone entering the audiophile game."

Chris Smith - TweakTown.

Creative X7 external DAC review by TweakTown - Full article.

Thermaltake Suppressor F51 Chassis Delivers Knock-Out Punch Writes OverclockersClub

"The Suppressor F51 is just a great case and I couldn't find anything that I did not like... You can certainly find less expensive cases, but try and find one that has all the sound deadening, all the fan and water cooling support, and all the style and quality, and you'll come up short. So yet again, Thermaltake delivers a knock-out punch."

red454 - OverclockersClub.

Thermaltake Suppressor F51 chassis review by OverclockersClub - Introduction & Conclusion.

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Idea That PC Gaming Is Dying - Is Dead.... HopesAndFears

"PC gaming has been hounded by an ominous narrative for almost as long as it's existed: it's dying, soon to be replaced by smaller, more convenient, more consumer-oriented gaming devices, or even phones. Recently, this idea has completely gone out the window: $1000 video cards are flying off the shelves, exciting and demanding new technologies like 4k and VR are on the horizon, and gamers are upgrading in accordance."

Simon Chetrit - HopesAndFears.

Gaming gear sure is booming! Just take a quick look at our ranges of mice, keyboards, eyewear, racing wheels, joysticks, head trackers & gamepads. That's aside from the PC hardware... Such as graphics cards, motherboards & cases!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bjorn3D Writes ASUS STRIX GTX950 DC2OC Could Be The New Video Card Of Choice For Budget Gaming

"We were waiting with bated breath for the "mainstream" NVIDIA GTX 950 to see how well it runs, we’ve had it on the test bench for a while and at its price point the ASUS Strix GTX 950 DC2OC does one heck of a good job with more than demanding games. The 2GB of GDDR5 might be a problem at resolutions over 1080p but most of the world still games at 1080p and the ASUS Strix GTX 950 DC2OC is the current master of 1080p at its price point. Considering you’re getting a true Maxwell CM206 that’s DirectX 12 and Windows 10 ready the ASUS Strix GTX 950 DC2OC could very well be the Video Card of choice among budget minded gamers."

Mark Taliaferro - Bjorn3D.

ASUS STRIX-GTX950-DC2OC-2GD5-GAMING graphics card review by Bjorn3D - Introduction & Conclusion.

Bitfenix Alchemy 2 LED Strip Examined By Modders Inc - Noob Friendly!

"Overall, this is a great addition to Bitfenix easy modding accessories and a solid alternative to those who are adhesive averse, especially since magnetic mounting makes installation and re-use extremely noob friendly."

Ron Perillo - Modders Inc.

Bitfenix Alchemy 2.0 LED strips reviewed by Modders Inc - Full review.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Soundblaster Jam Video Review By Joanne Tech Lover

The Creative Soundblaster Jam headset is now in stock, alongside a huge range of Creative headset options.

Techspot Compare 2015 Nvidia & ATI Graphic Card Performances - Some Surprises!

"gamers will be just as happy with either the GTX 750 Ti or R7 360, but we prefer the GTX 750 Ti for its superior efficiency. The $150-$199 comparison is much the same, but we would go with the R7 370 over the GTX 950. The R9 380 is your best bet at $200-$249, and the GTX 970 is a smart pick at $300. If your GPU budget extends to $400-$499 we recommend the R9 390X, and if you're going to drop $500 or more the GTX 980 Ti is your best bet. The three definitive picks we've made are the GTX 980 Ti over the Fury X, the R9 390X over the GTX 980 and the R9 380 over the GTX 960."

Steven Walton - Techspot.

2015 Nvidia and ATI graphics card chipsets compared by TechSpot - Introduction & Conclusion.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

TweakTown Finds ASUS SABERTOOTH Z170 MARK 1 Motherboard More Capable....

"Its active cooling can reduce temperatures, it's physically very durable, and it offers cooling control unlike any motherboard. While most motherboards only have about four to six fan headers, this motherboard more than doubles that and extra internal and external temperature sensors for them to work with. The motherboard has fan control more capable than the majority of aftermarket fan controllers."

Steven Bassiri - TweakTown.

ASUS SABERTOOTH Z170 MARK 1 motherboard review by TweakTown - Introduction & Conclusion.

ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Motherboard On OverclockersClub

"As the mid range standard bearer for ASUS ROG line, the Maximus VIII Hero does not disappoint in the least. It does just about everything well. Starting with the performance delivered out of the box, the board delivers top marks in most of the tests thanks to the back end work that ASUS' R&D team put in getting the auto algorithms and settings right. Booting up with four DDR4 2800MHz DIMMs populating all of the Q-Dimm sockets just worked as if it was nothing. Failed overclocks that lock up the board in the boot cycle at worst require a power cycle of the PSU to bring the board back on line after a failed boot. Something that now is an expectation for all boards due to how well ASUS manages boot failure and recovery."

ccokeman - OverclockersClub.

ASUS Maximus VIII Hero motherboard review by OverclockersClub - Introduction & Conclusion.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Thermaltake Suppressor F51 Chassis Delivers The Perfect User Experience Reports Neoseeker

"The cavernous interior of the Suppressor F51 case will allow for various configurations, and the sound absorption materials used in the top and sides panels should provide a quieter computing experience. With the included front 200mm fan providing the air flow for the interior components and the rear 140mm fan to draw the heated air out of the case, the computer system should stay cool and operating at peak efficiency even during load.

Devoid of the exterior frills of other gaming cases, the Suppressor F51 lends a demure presence on your desk or floor. Of course with the side window version you have the opportunity to add your own eye candy with a custom LED lighting setup.

For many years Thermaltake has provided computer users and enthusiasts many reliable products. Thermaltake has a stated mission of “Delivering the perfect user experience” and the Suppressor F51 mid-tower case certainly continues that legacy."

Marvin Purdy - Neoseeker.

Thermaltake Suppressor F51 review by Neoseeker - Introduction & Conclusion.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

HotHardware Review The ASUS MG279Q Monitor - And Like!

"We really like the ASUS MG279Q. This display hits a plethora of high notes; it supports Adaptive-Sync / FreeSync, is highly adjustable and tweakable, it has plenty of inputs, a nice IPS panel, and supports up to a 144Hz refresh rate. And on top of all that, its relatively thin bezels and sleek design language just plain look good too. If you haven’t bought a monitor in a few years, the ASUS MG279Q is most likely an upgrade in almost every way for the vast majority of you."

Marco Chiappetta - HotHardware.

ASUS MG279Q IPS Technology monitor review by HotHardware - Introduction & Conclusion.

SilverStone TD02-LITE AIO Liquid Cooler Stands Out @ APH Networks

"One thing that stood out to me was the improved ease of installation for the TD02-LITE, which was a welcomed improvement. Overall, the SilverStone Tundra TD02-LITE is solid. It is well built from the radiator to the water pump, with nothing feeling cheap."

Brian Cheung - APH Networks.

SilverStone TD02-LITE review by APH Networks - Introduction & Conclusion.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Techspot - The Best Chassis Of 2015!

Techspot report on the best chassis from 2015. We distribute most of them.... Nuff said!

Best Mini-ITX - Enthusiast/Gaming case: Silverstone Raven RVZ02.
Best HTPC case: Silverstone Milo ML04.
Best micro ATX Cube: BitFenix Phenom mATX.
Best Case (Well Under) $100: Silverstone Kublai KL05.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Joanne Tech Lover Finds A Hero - The ASUS Maximus VIII Hero!

The ASUS Maximus VIII Hero motherboard is now in stock!

Gunnar Amber Indoor Eyewear In The New York Times

"for those who want to check their email one last time before slumber, the amber tinted eyewear from Gunnar helps reduce eye strain and blocks the blue light from mobile devices."

Gregory Schmidt - New York Times.

Gunnar amber indoor eyewear discussed by the New York Times - Read the full article.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Top Tips: Some Great Ideas To Stay Smart Online! From - You Should Read This....

Read the Australian Governments Top Tips: Some great ideas to stay smart online guidelines.

SilverStone Fortress FTZ01 Chassis On BenchmarkReviews

"I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect with the FTZ01, and I ended up pleasantly surprised. There’s a lot contained within the tiny frame of this Fortress. If you’re looking to build a typical one-GPU ITX gaming system in as small of a case as you can, the Fortress FTZ01 is a very compelling option with a premium touch."

Tom Jaskulka - BenchmarkReviews.

SilverStone FTZ01 SFF chassis examined by BenchmarkReviews - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Water Cooling 101 With Techspot - Get Tips For Great Results!

"Cooling computers has evolved in the last ten years to the point where there are more options to satisfy all kinds of needs. All in One (AIO) water cooling kits in particular have gained popularity among users who want push frequencies higher while keeping their CPUs cooler. They're very easy to get started with as they are mostly plug and play. While things have gotten easier in the water cooling game, there are still many things that need to be taken into consideration before jumping in to ensure you can get the most performance from your own system.

Water cooling systems -- whether they are a custom loop or an AIO -- all follow the same basic principles. You have the reservoir, the pump, the radiator, the fans, some tubing, a block (for either the CPU, GPU, or both), and the water itself. Generally on different versions of AIOs or custom loops you may see some of these features as barely noticeable, for example, many AIOs have very small reservoirs that are not nearly as prominent as with other custom loops, but they are usually all there.

After years of working with water cooling kits, here are some important tips to help you get the most out of your system."

William Seibert - TechSpot.

Water Cooling Do's and Don'ts by TechSpot - Full article.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Neoseeker Both Impressed & Intrigued By Bitfenix Aegis Chassis

"The BitFenix AEGIS micro-tower case has proven to be a really fun enclosure to work with to build a complete computer system. When I saw the vibrant yellow color, large component side window and black front panel, I thought how well a nice setup would look on my desktop. After a couple of weeks, I'm as intruiged as the day I opened the packaging."

Marvin Purdy - Neoseeker.

Bitfenix Aegis chassis review by Neoseeker - Introduction & Conclusion.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition Racing Wheel On PC Perspective

"The Thrustmaster TX F458 Italia Edition is overall an outstanding wheel that takes the racing experience up a couple of notches from my previous wheel, not to mention a totally different experience from a keyboard, joystick, or a non-FFB wheel."

Josh Walrath - PC Perspective.

Thrustmaster TX F458 Ferrari Italia review by PC Perspective - Introduction & Conclusion.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bitfenix Aegis Chassis Very Versatile Writes TechnologyX

"It has a cool design, comes in an array of popular colors to match whatever color build you are thinking of, and has a very versatile design for both air and watercooling setups."

Sean Webster - TechnologyX.

Bitfenix Aegis chassis review by TechnologyX - Introduction & Conclusion.

SilverStone RVZ02 Chassis Reviewed By TechSpot

"It's as easy on the eyes as it is to work with. Surprisingly affordable. Smaller than its predecessor but can still handle GPUs up to 13" long. No case cooling? No problem! Smart design that uses component fans for airflow."

Steven Walton - TechSpot.

SilverStone RVZ02 chassis review by TechSpot - Introduction & Conclusion.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

APH Networks On SteelSeries Apex M800 Keyboard

"The SteelSeries Apex M800 features some of the most amazing lighting systems in the industry; with highly customizable individual key illumination, cool preset templates for those who do not feel like being creative at the moment, and stunning animated effects to simply wow people. The software is also stable and intuitive to use, making the overall experience very positive. But its amazing lighting system goes beyond just eye candy. Stuff like Cooldown Timers and GameSense adds a whole new layer of user experience to your gaming setup. Simply put, the Apex M800 is brilliant, and quite literally, too."

Jonathan Kwan - APH Networks.

SteelSeries Apex M800 keyboard review by APH Networks - Full review.

Bitfenix Alchemy 2.0 Magnetic LED Strips Review On TweakTown

"While you could go and buy a whole roll on eBay, you are stuck to a single color, need a controller if they are RGB, and also need to wire it all up nice and cleanly. For a bit of a cost, BitFenix does all the work for you and makes it very easy for anyone using a steel chassis to mount in tons of light. It is not permanent, so if needed to be moved or adjusted it can be, and all you have to do is pop open a plastic box and click them into place and enjoy."

Chad Sebring - TweakTown.

Bitfenix Alchemy 2.0 Magnetic LED Strips review by TweakTown - Full review.

Vortez Check Out The ASUS SABERTOOTH Z170 MARK 1 Motherboard

"Turning to the performance, SABERTOOTH is no stranger to consistent and strong results. We found this motherboard to react very well to the selection of benchmarks from our suite and achieving a decent overclock was easy thanks to the easy to use BIOS and responsive hardware. Our milestone has been 4.7GHz with the Intel Core i7-6700K and SABERTOOTH attained this figure without any problems at all."

David Mitchelson - Vortez.

ASUS SABERTOOTH Z170 MARK 1 motherboard review by Vortez - Introduction & Conclusion.


"At the end of the day the ASUS Radeon R9 390X STRIX 8GB is a well built graphics card that is capable of gaming at pretty much any resolution out there today. The latest generation DirectCU III cooling solution is beefy"

Nathan Kirsch - LegitReviews.

ASUS STRIX-R9390X-DC3OC-8GD5-GAMING review by LegitReviews - Introduction & Conclusion.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

APH Networks Review SilverStones EBA01 Headphone Stand

"I was talking to my friend about how I could succinctly wrap up the review of the SilverStone Ensemble EBA01, to which she aptly responded, "It works." Joking aside, this is a concise and correct way of summing up the EBA01, because it definitely works. Furthermore, it looks great too. Starting with the aesthetics, this is one of SilverStone's best looking products we have reviewed, and it makes sense."

Aaron Lai - APH Networks.

SilverStone EBA01 headphone stand review by APH Networks - Full review.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Thermaltake Suppressor F51 Chassis Wows eTeknix

"I really like this chassis, sure it’s got a lot in common with its rivals, but when you’re designing a silence focused chassis, you’re already aiming for a tightly closed up, fairly understated design anyway. The main difference here is that the Thermaltake chassis brings even better water cooling support and is Thermaltake ECS approved, as well as stealth hard drive mounts behind the motherboard, better cable management and more at a price that remains competitive with its rivals. Build quality is rock solid. The side panels alone are incredibly strong and I certainly wouldn’t like to stub my toe on this chassis any time soon"

Peter Donnell - eTeknix.

Thermaltake Suppressor F51 chassis review by eTeknix - Introduction & Conclusion.

ASUS Z170 Deluxe Review By OCAholic

"ASUS has a beautiful looking BIOS when it comes to their Signature series motherboards. The UEFI BIOS gets a black background and there are a few additional blue and white design elements. Meanwhile it's almost normal that a BIOS is complete, offering countless features. If you're looking for overclocking options you'll find a great many of them and they are equally practical for novices and extreme overclockers. We always love the pre-defined profiles, which make overclocking quite a bit more efficient. Boosting our CPU to 5.0 GHz was absolutely no problem at all."

Marc Buchel - OCAholic.

ASUS Z170 Deluxe motherboard review by OCAholic - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 Round Up On LegitReviews

"The flasghip NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 cards from ASUS, EVGA and Zotac show that 1080P gamers can get some really nice feature rich desktop gaming graphics cards without having to rob a bank!"

Nathan Kirsch - LegitReviews.

Nvidia GTX 950 roundup by LegitReviews - Introduction & Conclusion.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Creative Sound Blaster Round Up By HardwareHeaven

"We’ve been slowly working our way through Creatives products, primarily focusing on PC items but also dipping into their mobile and console compatible items too. Given there has been so much we felt it worthwhile bringing it all into one place for you to see. Welcome to our Creative Sound Blaster Round-Up."

Stuart Davidson - HardwareHeaven.

Creative Sound Blaster round up by HardwareHeaven - Creative Sound Blaster Round-Up.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Everything About The Noctua NH-L9x65 Is Remarkable Says OverclockersClub

"The coolers I have tested from Noctua have so far been made for the high thermal loads you see with overclocking. They are by nature massive and capable of moving large volumes of air, and of course they stand out on any motherboard. While large coolers are impressive and fun to show off, for small form factor builds you need a cooler that can get the job done in a small space. And that is just what the NH-L9x65 does. The engineering that went into the entire package for the NH-L9x65 is remarkable, from literally the box and internal packaging, to the installation hardware, cooler, and fan. But if you have ever used a Noctua cooler (and I mean this as a compliment), this is just another day at the office."

red454 - OverclockersClub.

Noctua NH-L9x65 lower profile CPU cooler review by OverclockersClub - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Daily Impact of Digital Screens on the Eye Health of Americans - The Vision Council

"Digital eye strain is the physical discomfort felt by many individuals after two or more hours in front of a digital screen. Symptoms are different for each person, but digital eye strain typically manifests itself as dry, red or irritated eyes; blurred vision; fatigued eyes; back, neck or shoulder pain; or headaches. For some, the effects of digital eye strain can be painful and, in extreme cases, debilitating."

The Vision Council - DigitEYEzed: The Daily Impact of Digital Screens on the Eye Health of Americans.

Read the full report. Our solution? Gunnar eyewear!

TweakTown Report On The Full Range Of Intel Skylake CPUs

"While Intel already launched their K series Skylake desktop SKUs last month, they are now announcing the launch of their entire introductory Skylake lineup including both desktop and mobile segments."

Steven Bassiri - TweakTown.

Would you like to know more? Check out the full line up of Skylake CPUs posted & discussed by TweakTown. OK, so which ones overclock well? Unlocked Skylake CPUs.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

ASUS Z170 Maximus VIII Hero Motherboard Sports Perfect Colour Matching Writes eTeknix

"Finally, a manufacturer has taken the gaming colour scheme of the typical red, as used by almost all manufacturers these days and flipped it on its head; the Rog series is now grey! This is great news for almost everyone, it now means you can have a great colour variation within the case and not have to worry about the motherboard being a limiting factor. Another great feature with this is the LED system, with full RGB colour changing; you have perfect colour matching to whatever colour scheme you end up choosing."

Rikki Wright - eTeknix.

ASUS Z170 Maximus VIII Hero motherboard review by eTeknix - Introduction & Conclusion.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Blue Light Exposure: Information & Solutions

Explore the affects of blue light exposure from digital devices: Blue Light Health. Got a solution? You bet: Gunnar!

ASUS Z170-DELUXE Motherboard Review By TechPowerUp

"Many weeks have passed since I had my hands on my first Intel Z170-based product, and that time has allowed ASUS to tune their BIOS well, bringing in wide memory clocking capabilities and a high level of system performance that is deserving of their high-end mainstream product. It clocks well, is rock-stable, and has all the high-speed drive options you could want for a high-performance PC."

cadaveca - TechPowerUp.

ASUS Z170-DELUXE motherboard review by TechPowerUp - Introduction & Conclusion.

NikkTech Check Out Thermaltakes Suppressor F51 Mid Tower Chassis

"Thermaltake has once again done a great job in releasing a high quality product with plenty of features in a market overflowing with “mediocre” products... the sound-dampening panels work as advertised and having enough space to fit the largest CPU coolers, longer graphics cards, up to 10 2.5/3.5” drives and up to 10 fans and/or 4 radiators is really great. The 4-port fan speed controller is also a great feature"


Thermaltake Suppressor F51 chassis review by NikkTech - Introduction & Conclusion.

The Core X9 Chassis From Thermaltake On TechSpot

"Thermaltake's Core X9 is a serious amount of case for the money and it doesn't feel like it was built to a strict budget. The swappable side panels and I/O panel are a nice touch, the massive fan and radiator support is great, the tool-free drive bays work well and so do the magnetic dust filters."

Steven Walton - TechSpot.

Thermaltake Core X9 chassis review by TechSpot - Introduction & Conclusion.

ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Z170 Motherboard Reviewed By Guru3D

"The Asus Maximus VIII Hero is a solid performer even at this early stage of BIOS development and that’s a good indication that the Hero will only get better as time passes and the BIOS matures. COnsidering it was the First SkyLake to appear on the test bench merely hours after the Intel I7 6700K hit the door Asus did a bang up job on providing a bench ready Z170 board. That says a lot of Asus by providing a fully functional chicken and egg board that provided solid overclocking and an overall enjoyable computing platform."

Mark Taliaferro - Bjorn3D.

ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO Z170 motherboard review by Bjord3D - Introduction & Conclusion.

Friday, August 28, 2015

ASUS STRIX-GTX950-DC2OC-2GD5-GAMING Gets A Guru - Hilbert Hagedoorn!

"The STRIX-GTX950-DC2OC-2GD5-GAMING (yes that is the full product code name) is a nice entry level product with proper cooling and totally silent noise levels. Combined with the rendering performance I'd call this product a capable 1080P graphics card. All boxes are ticked and that makes this a competitive product."

Hilbert Hagedoorn - Guru3D.

ASUS STRIX-GTX950-DC2OC-2GD5-GAMING GTX950 graphics card review by Guru3D - Introduction & Conclusion.

TechGage Check Out The New ASUS STRIX-GTX950-DC2OC-2GD5-GAMING GTX950 Graphics Card

"the GTX 950 is just what I expected, and that’s far from being a bad thing. We’re dealing with a $160 GPU that can blow away the kind of gaming you’ll see on consoles; which is to say 1080p and 60 FPS in every single game you want to play – and probably with better quality, too."

Rob Williams - TechGage.

ASUS STRIX-GTX950-DC2OC-2GD5-GAMING graphics card review by TechGage - Introduction & Conclusion.

A Growing Need For Compact SilverStone SFX PSUs Writes Pete From eTeknix

"The need for compact SFX PSUs is growing, as many are moving to slim chassis designs to build gaming PCs that are suitable for their home AV setup, limited office or desk spaces and even extremely portable LAN gaming systems. The new offering from SilverStone ticks a heck of a lot of boxes that make it appealing to system builders and if you’re on the market for an SFX PSU, this one should be right at the top of your shopping list. The power output will power any high-end graphics card money can buy, as well as a decent CPU, making it perfect for a gaming system. There’s high-efficiency, which will save you some energy costs in the long run, fully modular cables to make the build process nice and easy and it’s also fully modular. Overall, that’s a pretty good list of winning features."

Peter Donnell - eTeknix.

SilverStone SX600-G SFX PSU review by eTeknix - Introduction & Conclusion.

Friday, August 14, 2015

ASUS Z170 Deluxe Mobo Offers It All - Impressive & Fantastic Stuff Reports Guru3D

"Son, I Am Not Disappointed - No Sir. Right after the initial tests of the Core i7 6700K on the ASUS Z170 Deluxe motherboard, I ended being impressed... I mean the Z170 Deluxe offer it all in terms of features, stability and reliability really, heaps of USB 3.0/3.1 connectors, plenty SATA3 ports, super fast M.2., a fantastic audio solution and then there's the Wifi implementation, I was impressed by it so very much. Triple antenna's and AC compatible, with the right router you can get a 1.3 Gbps connections, as we did. Fantastic stuff really."

Hilbert Hagedoorn - Guru3D.

ASUS Z170 Deluxe motherboard review by Guru3D - Introduction & Conclusion.

LegitReviews Check Out The SteelSeries Heroes of the Storm Mouse

"This mouse seemed and felt like it was sculpted to be flexible in how it can be held. Its domed shape fits the palm nicely and at the same time, the low height easily allows one to grasp the mouse with a claw grip. The symmetrical ambidextrous design makes the Heroes of the Storm mouse suitable for both right-handed and left-handed mouse users"

David Yee - LegitReviews.

SteelSeries Heroes of the Storm mouse review by LegitReviews - Introduction & Conclusion.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Modders Inc Report Bitfenix Alchemy Connect LED Kits Take Modding Back To Roots - YOUR Creativity!

"The original Alchemy LED kit itself is impressive for its ease of use and compatibility. It is not just for cases either, for the creative types, incorporating the Alchemy LED kits into components such as graphics cards, RAM, radiators or motherboards is limited only by ones imagination, especially the 12cm version which might be too short for most cases but fitting for illuminating small components. Users can also mount the LEDs inside fan frames to quickly make a standard fan into an LED fan. This is very effective as well if the blades are transparent or complimentary to the LED kit color. The Bitfenix Alchemy LED kit is simple but it fosters creativity in many ways, which is what modding is really about."

Ron Perillo - Modders Inc.

Bitfenix Alchemy LED kit review by Modders Inc - Full review.

Silverstone Tundra TD02-E AIO LCS Extremely Simple To Install Writes Hardware Asylum

"We found installation of the Tundra to be extremely simple with the help of thick aluminum mounting brackets attached to the side of the pump block. The entire system is built extremely well from the nickel plated unibody pump block to the hose connections and custom radiator. You'll even get carbon fiber details on the side of the radiator assembly."

Dennis Garcia - Hardware Asylum.

Silverstone Tundra TD02-E review by Hardware Asylum - Introduction & Conclusion.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Noctua NH-L9x65 Is An Exceptional Heatsink Writes Neoseeker

"The NH-L9x65 uses four heat pipes with aluminum dissipation fins spaced to maximize air flow from the fan which is held in place with wire fan clips, and attaches to the motherboard with the SecuFirm2 Mounting System. All of these features add up to an exceptional heatsink cooler that will help make your HTPC or SFF system operate at peak performance."

Marvin Purdy - Neoseeker.

Noctua NH-L9x65 review by Neoseeker - Introduction & Conclusion.

Bjorn3D Are Hangin TUFF With ASUS Sabertooth X99 MILSPEC Motherboard - Lock-N-Load!

"The Asus TUF Sabertooth is a one of a kind motherboard designed to take a beating and keep on running and we love the TUF aspect of the Sabertooth... The board was designed to take a beating and Asus stands behind that with a 5 year warranty and if durability and dust intrusion are problems for you the TUF Sabertooth will keep your rig running."

Mark Taliaferro - Bjorn3D.

ASUS SABERTOOTH X99 TUF/MILSPEC motherboard review by Bjorn3D - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

LegitReviews Check Out ASUS MG279Q AMD FreeSync 27 Inch Monitor

"The ASUS MG279Q is a solid 144Hz gaming monitor and we were impressed by how well AMD FreeSync ran... If you are looking for a 2560×1440 Adaptive-Sync gaming monitor that has fantastic picture quality, a wide range of features and the ability to support AMD FreeSync we highly recommend the ASUS MG279Q!"

Nathan Kirsch - LegitReviews.

ASUS MG279Q 27-inch WQHD IPS FreeSync monitor review by LegitReviews - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thermaltake Core V21 Chassis On NiKKtech

"the V21 has two very important characteristics, the ability to rearrange most of its interior and exterior and the overwhelming cooling potential. The first one may not be something many users will choose to use since the horizontal positioning of the mainboard is already ideal for the size of the V21 but the 2nd one is certain to appeal not only to gamers and enthusiasts but even professionals since the ability to use up to 5 radiators and/or 11 fans is something we don’t see even in towers 3-4 times the size. And then there’s the stackable design, almost tool-less design, the 6 drive trays, 5 PCI expansion slots which can be used with cards up to 350mm in length, room for up to 185mm tall CPU coolers and space for up to 200mm long PSUs. Can you ask for anything more from a mATX/mITX PC Case?"


Thermaltake Core V21 chassis review by NiKKtech - Introduction & Conclusion.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

ASUS Pushing Boundaries With STRIX-GTX980TI-DC3OC-6GD5-GAMING Writes Vortez

"ASUS has pushed the boundaries with the STRIX GTX 980Ti DC3 OC. This card adopts class-leading performance while employing premium features – including a rather impressive DirectCU III cooling solution. If you want outright performance but can’t afford a Titan-X – get this!"

David Mitchelson - Vortez.

ASUS STRIX-GTX980TI-DC3OC-6GD5-GAMING graphics card review by Vortez - Introduction & Conclusion.

Friday, July 17, 2015

ASUS STRIX-GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5 Graphics Card Review By Think Computers - Perfect 10 - Yes Yes!

"All in all I think that ASUS has done a great job putting their own flavor on the GTX 970. It is a card that we can definitely recommend!... Overall ThinkComputers gives the ASUS STRIX GeForce GTX 970 Graphics Card a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award."

Bob Buskirk - Think Computers.

ASUS STRIX-GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5 GeForce GTX 970 review by Think Computers - Introduction & Conclusion.

Legion Hardware Loving Creatives New E-MU XM7 2 Way Bookshelf Speakers

"Creative says that these speakers have been designed from the ground up with the same speaker architecture as professional studio monitors and inspired by E-MU's legendary acoustic craftsmanship. The E-MU XM7 features premium custom-designed drivers with a special tapered cabinet design and quality wooden finish. Each speaker features a custom designed 5” woofer using an oversized magnet and shielding to create a tight bass response. Complementing the 5” driver is a 1” specially doped high-efficiency silk dome tweeter that delivers soothing, clear and detailed highs."

Steven Walton - Legion Hardware.

Creative E-MU XM7 two way bookshelf speakers review by Legion Hardware - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Modders Inc Report Bitfenix Aegis Chassis A Must Have!

"It is fun, provides colorful options, has a roomy interior but do not mistake it for a clown car. There is enough luxury inside to shame some pricier rivals and there are some serious innovative ideas implemented that will surely be imitated by other manufacturers soon."

Ron Perillo - Modders Inc.

Bitfenix Aegis chassis review by Modders Inc - Introduction & Conclusion.

Vale - Industry Legend & Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Has Passed Away

"Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata has died at only 55 years old after battling cancer for over a year. His unexpected passing marks the end of a wildly inventive and broadly celebrated 13-year stretch helming the iconic Kyoto video games company." - TIME.

Take a moment to think back over the influence Nintendo had in your life since he joined the company in 2000. Think Nintendo DS. Think Nintendo Wii. His extraordinary contribution to the video gaming industry will be sadly missed and he will be long remembered!

Read more at TIME and the BBC.

Check Out The VAULT BOY - A Fallout Inspired Bitfenix Prodigy Chassis Mod


Check out this awesome Bitfenix Prodigy chassis mod on the OCAU forums (login not required). How creative can you be?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler Wows Brian From Legit Reviews

"I’m not sure what to say other than “WOW!” Noctua absolutely blew me away with this cooler, not only in the simple things like the packaging, but the ease of installation and the performance results were absolutely incredible."

Brian Nyhuis - Legit Reviews.

Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooler review by Legit Reviews - Introduction & Conclusion.

Monday, July 13, 2015

TweakTown Check Out Tt eSPORTS Ventus X Mouse

"The Ventus X is one redesign that really hits all of the check boxes! The feel is great, it functions really well with tons of options via software, and at this price you really cannot go wrong."

Chad Sebring - TweakTown.

Thermaltake eSPORTS Ventus X review by TweakTown - Introduction & Conclusion.

Creative Sound Blaster E1 Headphone Amp On Head-Fi

"It has a very nice small physical enclosure with lots of features, it is well-suited for your average headphone and especially IEMs, and can "fix" bad audio from laptops, desktop motherboards, and cheap smartdevices, while also offering the bonus of headphone surround."

Evshrug - Head-Fi.

Creative Sound Blaster E1 Portable Headphone Amplifier review by Head-Fi - Full review.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Thermaltake Commander FT Fan Controller Review On TweakTown

"Commander FT has a very solid feel, and even when pressing hard on the touchscreen, there is no flex or noises associated with such actions. We also liked that the wiring is easy to disconnect and plug back in, not only for wire management purposes, but it also ensures that you won't accidentally pull the wiring out of the clips if you do find reasons to remove any of them from the PCB."

Chad Sebring - TweakTown.

Thermaltake Commander FT fan controller review by TweakTown - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

ASUS R7 370 STRIX Graphics Card Review On OCaholic

"The R7 370 STRIX is yet another good custom card from ASUS. The DirectCU II cooler, which is capable of deactivating the fans, when the cards is in idle does a great job. Apart from that there is a high quality power design and memory, which can be overclocked by quite a bit. AMD has been claiming that the R7 370 should be suitable for 1080p gaming. Having a closer look at the results gathered in 10 different games, this is definitely the case. The card is capable of pumping out 40 to 50 fps even at very high settings."

Marc Buchel - OCaholic.

ASUS STRIX Radeon R7 370 review by OCaholic - Introduction & Conclusion.

ThinkComputers Say SilverStone FT04 Chassis Is A Perfect 10!

"Overall this is one of the best cases I have ever reviewed and if I was asked if this is a perfect case I would have to say yes, “it’s close enough to perfect for me.” ThinkComputers gives the SilverStone Fortress FT04 Case a 10 out of 10 score."

Derek Smith - ThinkComputers.

SilverStone FT04 chassis review by ThinkComputers - Introduction & Conclusion.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mittoni Represents For ASUS In Australia!

Mittoni is honoured to represent for ASUS in Australia, whom are recognised as the fourth largest IT vendor in the world. Beginning with a swag-full of graphics cards, you'll find our ASUS product portfolio rapidly expand over the coming weeks. Take a moment to overview our star-studded starting line-up for match kick off!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

NikkTech Say Tt ToughPower DPS G PSUs Most User Friendly

"With the latest ToughPower DPS G line it’s clear that Thermaltake is willing to take on the immediate competition and the result is a very good PSU with a monitoring program which at least for us is the most user friendly in the market currently."


Thermaltake 1050w Toughpower DPS Gold review by NikkTech - Introduction & Conclusion.

Monday, June 22, 2015

eTeknix Review SteelSeries Siberia V3 Headset

"There’s a lot to love about this headset, such as the super-lightweight design that rests very naturally on your headset, even more so thanks to the auto-adjusting headband design. It’s also incredibly durable, with tough plastics and a flexible headband that can withstand a lot of twisting and pulling, but always springs back to its original shape. The audio quality is great and the drivers are nice and powerful and the fold away microphone is a welcome bonus for those that keep loosing their detachable boom microphones!"

Peter Donnell - eTeknix.

SteelSeries Siberia V3 headset review by eTeknix - Introduction & Conclusion.

PCGamers Made Gunnar Converts - Believe!

"I'm a believer. My overall experience with the Gunnar Optics SteelSeries Scope Onyx Carbon eyewear was great and I'll continue to wear Gunnar eyewear - especially in the evenings."

Phil - PCGamers.

Gunnar Optiks Indoor Digital Eyewear review by PCGamers - Full review.

Noctua NH-L9x65 Cooler On Benchmark Reviews

"the Noctua NH-L9x65 shows some very positive signs when it comes to it’s overall construction. The mounting mechanism is sturdy and showed no signs of flex. The fins on the heatsink were not easily bent, and are protected by the fan at the top. There were also no flaws on the base plate of our sample, which should result in better performance."

Julian Duque - Benchmark Reviews.

Noctua NH-L9x65 cooler checked out by Benchmark Reviews - Introduction & Conclusion.

APH Networks On Da SilverStone Tundra Series TD03-E Cooler

"Noise is always a factor to look at in coolers regardless of performance, and I found the TD03-E to be fairly reasonable in this regard. Even when the system was loaded, and the cooler had to work extra hard to keep temperatures down, it did not fuss too much."

Brian Cheung - APH Networks.

SilverStone Tundra Series TD03-E review by APH Networks - Introduction & Conclusion.

Monday, June 15, 2015

SilverStone Tundra TD02 AIO Cooler Reviewed By APH Networks

"the SilverStone Tundra TD02-E is a great performing closed loop water cooling unit. The results reflect this perfectly; especially when under load, as seen in the graphs on the previous page. Compared to the Cooler Master Nepton brothers, the Tundra was clearly a truck length ahead. I found the Tundra TD02-E's overall design to be very clean, and is very appealing to look at, especially with its blue LED on the water block."

Preston Yuen - APH Networks.

SilverStone Tundra TD02-E AIO cooler review by APH Networks- Introduction & Conclusion.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Neoseeker Check Out Deepcool Assassin II CPU Cooler

"During the testing sessions I was surprised at how little noise emanated from the two fans even at full test load. Since both Assassin II fans are on one PWM fan hub controller, they both ran the same speed and hit 1280 RPM at full Load testing. Any appreciable noise was a "smooth" flow sound, and not the "whooshing" type noise you normally expect from large fans."

Marvin Purdy - Neoseeker.

Deepcool Assassin II review by Neoseeker - Introduction & Conclusion.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SilverStone Snowflake Winter 2015 Rebate Program!

SST Logo

Mittoni and Silverstone are offering a reseller rebate program to reward our customers and celebrate the Winter months. The program is based on customer’s quarterly purchase on all Silverstone products including accessories starting 1st of June till 31st of August for a period of 3 months.

Mittoni & SilverStone 'Snowflake' rebate program target break downs are listed below:

> SilverStone Target (ex gst) - Rebate %.

> AUD 100,000 - 4.00%
> AUD 50,000 - 3.00%
> AUD 30,000 - 2.00%
> AUD 15,000 - 1.50%
> AUD 10,000 - 1.00%

Let us see how you can carve yourself some rebate this Winter with Mittoni and SilverStone! For further details please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager.

***Please note that only SilverStone items purchased from Mittoni are eligible for this rebate opportunity.***

Monday, June 1, 2015

Thermaltake Suppressor F51 Mid Tower Has TweakTown In A Flap!

"the Thermaltake Suppressor F51 has to be the most feature rich "standard" tower design chassis that Thermaltake has released in quite some time, and if you have not been taken by the Core series, or other various offerings that Thermaltake has to offer you, now is the perfect chance to dive right in feet first, because at $119.99, you are hard pressed to come up with something as feature rich and solid as the Suppressor F51 is."

Chad Sebring - TweakTown.

Thermaltake Suppressor F51 review by TweakTown - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Noctua NH-L9x65 Cooler On BigBruin

"the Noctua NH-L9x65 low-profile CPU cooler easily earns the "Recommended" award for providing excellent cooling results in a compact package, and the "Whisper Quiet" award for doing so without making much noise at all."

Richard Jackson - BigBruin.

Noctua NH-L9x65 review by BigBruin - Introduction & Conclusion.

3DGameman Does The Thermaltake Core V51 Chassis

Thermaltake Core V51 chassis review by 3DGameman.

Ars Technica Discuss 4K Gaming In 2015

"Aside from the benefits of a larger workspace, or increased sharpness with desktop scaling, the PC—and not the console—is the only place where you can game at native 4K, and at a distance where such a high resolution makes a visible difference. While you can technically play almost any PC game at 4K, doing so is an enormous strain on resources. Despite huge advances in GPU technology, 4K is still very much the realm of the enthusiast, where £500 (~$700) graphics cards are all but required to play the latest games. That's not to say you can't play in 4K with a mid-range card, but it all depends on the sacrifices you're willing to make to rendering quality and frame rate in exchange for all those extra pixels."

Mark Walton - Ars Technica.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Silverstone Real Life Lap Vs Sim Racing Lap - The Shootout.....

A 'real life' lap positioned side by side with a 'simulated' lap from the Project Cars game.... With that kind of detail we can sure understand why this title is revving motor enthusiasts to a frenzy! Perhaps you should stop by the garage and see what we've got cookin? Mmmmmmm.... Smells like victory!

3DGameman Video Reviews SilverStone KL05 Chassis

SilverStone Kublai KL05 review by 3DGameman.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NikkTech Check Out SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Mouse

"thanks to its ergonomic ambidextrous design, fast and accurate laser sensor, rechargeable battery that gives it up to 20 hours of life, the ability to use it wired and the charging base it's one of the top wireless gaming mice"


Steelseries Sensei Wireless mouse review by NikkTech - Introduction & Conclusion.