Friday, August 12, 2011

Lian Li PC-P50WB chassis review by Tweaknews

"When presented with a chassis like Lian Li's PC-P50WB, it is very hard not to heap praise on it like a smitten middle school girl. There is, nevertheless, a hell of a lot to recommend this case. It looks good, has a fabulous feature set with many excellent tool-free elements and top shelf cooling. What more do you want? A window, you say? Well, Lian Li has you covered there, too. With classic good looks, the chassis makes a bold statement without going over the top with excess bling. The PC-P50WB is advertised as totally tool-free and I was able to accomplish the installation without any tools at all. I particularly like the expansion card locking mechanism and this feature is by far the best of its kind. The optical and hard drive mounting solutions are also tooless and quite nice, and Lian Li has even made installing the motherboard an easily accomplished task without having to resort to any tools. Cable management features abound and the case was a real pleasure to work in. Cooling performance was excellent and fan noise was quite acceptable, giving this chassis a wide audience among PC enthusiasts. The fit and finish are top notch and I couldn't be more pleased with the features and performance of the Lian LI PC-P50WB." Joe Anderson - Tweaknews

Lian Li PC-P50WB chassis review by Tweaknews - Introduction & Conclusion.

Lian Li PC-8N chassis review on Hardwaresecrets

"Lian Li PC-8N is a mid-tower case targeted to the user that wants a high-quality all-aluminum mid-tower case and doesn’t want to sell a kidney to buy one... In summary, we think Lian Li PC-8N presents a terrific cost/benefit ratio for users looking for a light all-aluminum case with a conservative looks. Its price is attractive enough for users that never had an aluminum case before to finally have one." Gabriel Torres - Hardwaresecrets

Lian Li PC-8N chassis review by Hardwaresecrets - Introduction & Conclusion.

Lian Li PC-P50 chassis review on Clunk

"The PC-P50 Armorsuit stands out from it's peers because it does exactly what they do, only it does it in a non-tacky way. The chassis is understated enough to integrate into many modern rooms without too much fuss and it's moderate size means that it will sit on top of even a modest desk without taking up all your valuable desktop real-estate. We try and keep up to date with Lian Li's latest developments and features, but I was pleasantly blown away by the amount of new toys on the PC-P50. The fact that they've made it a completely tool-less chassis is yet another plus point. As always, styling is a personal thing and won't appeal to everyone - but for those that hanker after something different, and don't want "in yer face" looks, then the PC-P50 Armorsuit is an ideal candidate. To sum up, I wasn't expecting to like the PC-P50 anywhere near as much as I did - It really is a must see case for anyone who loves beautifully engineered products, couple that with excellent cooling and build quality to die for and you can quickly see how the Lian Li PC-P50 ArmorSuit is going to prove popular in the enthusiast market." David Marshall - Clunk

Lian Li PC-P50 chassis review by Clunk - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 full tower chassis review by Aphetworks

"Let me tell you what the Chaser MK-1 can do for you. The Chaser MK-1 is designed purely for gaming, and using this chassis for anything else would be a shame. The Command Center front panel connections are a splendid array of nifty plug-ins, and buttons that will allow any user to have complete control over their chassis features. The exterior shell features an exclusive design that will definitely set your system apart from your peers. The combat headset holder is a nifty but important addition to the case that will increase your convenience. As well, with numerous air filters, a transparent viewing window, a peripheral and system lock option, an onboard HDD docking station, tool-less hard drive and optical drive mounting systems, several cable management options around the case, and last but not least, a flamboyant arrangement of LED fans, the Chaser MK-1 has a lot of good going for it. Even the new internal USB 3.0 interface can be seen as a pro." Jeremy To - Aphnetworks

Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 chassis review by Aphnetworks - Introduction & Conclusion.

Bjorn3d have an excellent quiet gaming PC building guide

"Today's How-To Guide will start off with a basic overview of all the hardware we will be using to put together our gaming system. Our goal was to build a gaming system that will have a very low acoustic level, meaning that while we will be using some of the latest and most powerful hardware on the market, we will also make sure that our system is as quiet as possible. Next, we will take a look at how to put together the complete gaming system. And finally, at the end of our how-to video, we'll take a look at how the system performs in some of the latest games on the market, including Metro 2033, which is one of the most demanding games even for new gaming systems. While we perform our testing, we will also test how loud the system gets during full load. But before we jump right ahead to the hardware and the installation, let's get a better understanding of proper cooling." Peter Kapas and Victor Mikhaltsevich - Bjorn3d

QuietPC building guide from Bjorn3D - Full Article.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

eBay Australia has revealed plans to more than double its fees on some auction listings

"eBay Australia has revealed plans to more than double its fees on some auction listings, effectively penalising non-professional sellers."

Asher Moses - The Age

'eBay slugs Aussies with fee rise' from The Age - Full Article.