Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I (w/500w) mid tower chassis now available!

The Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I mid tower chassis with 500w PSU enters service today. It joins an established line up of stellar performers such as the V3 & V4 Black Editions with 450w PSU, V9 BlacX, the Chaser MK-I, Overseer RX-I and the Level 10 GT. If it pushes a boundary - you can bet it's Thermaltake! So….. What boundary are Tt pushing today?

It's an important boundary, one we all consider as consumers and one that Thermaltake is both recognised and applauded for pushing. It's the reason Thermaltake cases, in particular, are the most highly sought after chassis around. It's known as bang for buck, it's known as getting your moneys worth and it's also known as a bloody good deal!

What do you get with a Thermaltake chassis which you don't get with most other brands offerings? You get more features than you're paying for. A lot more features than you're paying for, at least in comparison to similarly priced offerings from Thermaltake's numerous imitators and competitors.

Lets take the new Spacecraft VF-I as an example. Compare the following feature highlight points with your current chassis offerings:

* 500w power supply with all the connectors you need for your system builds.
* Its got USB3. That’s important, its a consumer confidence thing.
* Its all black! Sexeh black on the inside too!
* Its got a window. No point being sexeh black on the inside if no one can see it!
* Takes a full sized ATX motherboard, not just MicroATX!
* Aluminium front bezel & overall chassis styling creates an esports swagger.
* Supports up to 7 fans, so you can create your own multi vortex hurricane!
* Supports long graphic cards inc AMD Radeon HD6990 & nVidia GTX590.
* Internal mounting positions for both 2.5" & 3.5" drives.
* Supports high performance 240mm water cooling radiator.
* Supports large after market CPU coolers like the FrioOCK & Jing.

With a feature highlight set of this magnitude and such a reasonable reseller price, if we weren't in space - you could hear our competitors scream!

Thermaltake - Leave No Feature Behind!