Thursday, September 29, 2011

AtomicMPC say F1 2011 is 'most definitely a sim'

"Whether you’re into Formula 1 or not, if you like racing you’ll want to know up front if this is a ‘game’ or a ‘sim’. Because, ultimately, it all boils down to how the cars handle, how they feel. In terms of the car physics, this is most definitely a sim. In this respect it is an entirely new game, when compared to F1 2010. Driving and racing is exhilarating, challenging yet satisfying, and very addictive. The cars now exhibit real physics and straight off the bat you’ll feel at ease in the cockpit knowing that your inputs and reactions deliver a response that fits, makes sense, and lets you know that the headroom –and there’s plenty of that – is in getting good at real driving, rather than mastering a hit and miss developer’s model of driving."

Ben Mansill - AtomicMPC

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