Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sim Racing & Flying - Meet the MILSPEC CH Racer pack!

So, you want to play F1 2011 tomorrow and the replacement for Flight Simulator, called Microsoft Flight in early 2012? Here is the ideal solution!

You play flight sims. You play racing sims. You're a simming fanatic and you want the best - but you don't have the desk space for separate flight yoke and racing wheel.

That's where CH Racer steps in! Combining the best features of the most respected Flight Yoke in existence with the features of a racing wheel and you have the Eclipse Yoke from CH.

Combine the latest and greatest controller from CH Products with the renown Pro Pedals and you're set for any meeting - whether on the race track, or in the air!

Take a closer look at the CH Racer Pack For PC & Mac or take a look at our extensive CH Products range. Go MILSPEC - Go HARD!