Friday, September 2, 2011

Lian Li's brand new PC-90 chassis on BenchmarkReviews

"With its subtle, elegant appearance the PC-90 is fit for any situation, whether it be a high powered office workstation or a high powered gaming machine. Lian Li understand that not everyone wants a visually distracting exterior on their cases and as such has created many cases that are far more subtle and beautiful than their brethren around it in the enclosure market. As with other Lian Li designs the PC-90 is a beautifully built product that is perfectly polished to create a wonderful experience for users. Key to this experience is the fact that the PC-90 is built out of aluminum, so although it retains its strength, at 14.77lbs it weighs a fraction of other cases that are of comparable size. The PC-90 is very functional allowing for users to fit almost any combination of parts inside of it. From a powerful dual socket workstation or server to a quad GPU gaming beast the PC-90 is designed to handle it all."

Austin Downing - BenchmarkReviews

Lian Li PC-90 chassis review by BenchmarkReviews - Introduction & Conclusion.