Thursday, November 21, 2013

Piping Aboard Bitfenix!

Joining the prize winning herd of industry leading enthusiast level IT manufacturers at Mittoni - Today we'd like to welcome aboard Bitfenix!

Stay tuned for more details as we map out the massive range of kit incoming from this supplier including chassis, accessories - shiploads of swag.... As such, it seemed rather appropriate to kick off this truly huge range with none other than the Colossus chassis series.

We salute those whom refuse to quit!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SilverStone Milo ML05 Chassis On SilentPCReview

"The Silverstone Milo series ML05 is one of the most attractive, really small HTPC cases we've seen. The acrylic mirror finish and understated design of the fascia fits in nicely with Silverstone's generally cool, modern theme. Given its modest price, the build quality is high"

Mike Chin - SilentPCReview.

SilverStone Milo ML05 chassis review by SilentPCReview - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thermaltake eSPORTS Cronos Headset A Winner Says Neoseeker

"the Tt eSPORTS CRONOS is a headset that employs a very balanced soundstage that attempts to balance out all the instruments and lets each one stand out through its own melody. In many of our tests, the 40mm drivers brought outstanding stereo crosstalk and well-rounded clarity trumped only by our $200 ear buds. Outside of actual testing, I have worn the CRONOS for everyday music and it is still a treat to discover a new sense of depth to background harmonies and instruments from songs I have listened to for years."

Aaron Chen - Neoseeker.

Thermaltake eSPORTS Cronos headset review by Neoseeker - Introduction & Conclusion.

SilverStone Raven RV04 Chassis On APH Networks

"The design of the SilverStone Raven RV04 simply does not cease to impress - and after staring at the same case for the last few weeks, I have yet to be bored. In fact, coming from a RV03, I am still a big fan of the RV04. Now, customization and slick design is a subjective topic, but if you find enough of the market to like it, it becomes a popular trend. The RV04's simple and clean design with a large window will certainly flatter your friends when they come over."

Preston Yuen - APH Networks.

SilverStone Raven RV04 chassis review by APH Networks - Introduction & Conclusion.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lian Li PC-Q30 SFF Chassis On eTeknix

"It is cool to look at, it performs well enough and the build quality is the usual excellence that you would expect from Lian Li. If you want to show off your build, that front panel window does look rather awesome."

Peter Donnell - eTeknix.

Lian Li PC-Q30 chassis review by eTeknix - Introduction & Conclusion.

EVGA GTX 770 Classified On HighTech Legion

"We knew that the GTX 770 platform is an absolute beast going in, so there is really little reason to rehash that here. Simply look at the benchmark results. It’s faster than a GTX 680, has positively incredible price to performance, but is a little high on the power usage end of things. So what did EVGA do with this beast of a platform? They simply tweaked every ounce of its potential out of it while staying within safe voltages and temps right out of the box. If that isn’t enough for you, they gave you a myriad of tweaking options to work with."

George Cella - HiTechLegion.

EVGA GTX 770 Classified graphics card review by HiTechLegion - Introduction & Conclusion.

Dave From Vortez Loves The SilverStone FT04 Chassis!

"SilverStone demonstrate their continuity and prowess with the new FT04. We’re confident this new addition to the Fortress family is a resilient counterpart that shines through with its excellent build quality and multitude of convenient features. It’s our pleasure to hand out our prestigious Gold award."

David Mitchelson - Vortez.

SilverStone FT04 chassis review by Vortez - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thermaltake eSPORTS Cronos Headset Wows @ Overclockers Club

"While bass-heads may be disappointed in the bass output of the CRONOS most people will have no complaints in that department. The clear and non-fatiguing sound combined with the utility of the folding earcups and interchangeable cables mesh together into a great headset that really doesn't have any drawbacks."

Waco - Overclockers Club.

Thermaltake eSPORTS Cronos headset review by Overclockers Club - Introduction & Conclusion.

Noctua NH-L9 Low Profile Coolers: The FrostyTech Recommendation

"at low fan speed, the NH-L9i is roughly 25-35°C cooler than all five other sub-45mm low profile heatsinks in the heatsink reference chart. Given the choice between a Evercool HPL-815, Scythe Kozuti, Thermolab TLI-U, Silverstone NT07-775 and Zalman CNPS2X, the Noctua NH-L9i is our recommendation."


Noctua NH-L9 low profile coolers reviewed by FrostyTech - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thermaltake Massive 14 Square Notebook Cooler On FunkyKit

"The Thermaltake Massive 14² Notebook Cooler is pretty impressive to say the least. The durablility of the plastic construction is surprising despite the light-weight design. This notebook cooler is very ergonomic-friendly with multiple adjustments to maximize comfort levels. The cooling performance for the price adds to the overall value of the product. The soft glow of the Blue LED 140mm fans adds a nice accent to the surrounding area and does not distract."

Jeremy Gulley - FunkyKit.

Thermaltake Massive 14 Square review by FunkyKit - Introduction & Conclusion.

Nvidia 3Gb GTX 780 Ti Graphics Card Intro By eTeknix

"Nvidia’s GTX 780 Ti is a mammoth graphics card. It quite easily beats everything else on offer. In relation to the GTX 780 it is easily 10-15% faster depending on the 3D application, in relation to the GTX Titan its about 5-10% depending on the 3D application and it is also about 5% faster than the R9 290X depending on the application."

Ryan Martin - eTeknix.

Nvidia GTX 780 Ti graphics cards reviewed by eTeknix - Introduction & Conclusion.

AnandTech Examine The Nvidia GTX 780 Ti Graphics Card Series

"gradual performance increases in conjunction with periodic price drops have kept the market fresh while making NVIDIA’s high-end cards a bit faster and a bit cheaper each time"

Ryan Smith - AnandTech.

Nvidia GTX 780 Ti graphics cards reviewed by AnandTech - Introduction & Conclusion.

SilverStone RV04 Chassis On OCIA

"For its fourth generation RAVEN case, SilverStone has abandoned the 90° rotated interior component layout and gone with a more traditional configuration. As the RV03 and a revamped edition of the RV02 are both still available for those who want the original format, the RV04 introduces the RAVEN appearance to those who prefer a standard tower orientation. Although upright and lacking the long, low-slung look, the RV04 maintains excellent cooling properties with its dual 180mm Air Penetrator fans and separate top-mount power supply chamber."

Zahn Funk - OCIA.

SilverStone Raven RV04 chassis review by OCIA - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thermaltake Volos Gaming Mouse On NiKKtech

"the VOLOS is really one of the most comfortable to use gaming mice we've ever used especially if you have medium to large hands like we do. Accuracy is also excellent, glide is extremely good, the lift-off setting works as it should, all buttons have good feedback (not very soft) and speed well if you play at 2560x1600 like we do (or more) you will be able to see exactly how fast the 8200DPI of the Avago laser sensor really are"


Thermaltake Volos mouse review by NiKKtech - Introduction & Conclusion.

TechPowerUp Review EVGAs 780 Ti 03G-P4-2884-KR Graphics Card

"EVGA's GTX 780 Ti SuperClocked with ACX cooler delivers truly impressive performance. While the GTX 780 Ti is very fast already, EVGA topped it by quite a big margin with their overclock out of the box and the new ACX cooler. ACX plays a significant role in these improvements as it enables the card to run cooler, which results in better performance due to NVIDIA's GPU Boost 2.0 mechanism."

W1zzard - TechPowerUp.

EVGA 03G-P4-2884-KR review by TechPowerUp - Introduction & Conclusion.