Friday, September 30, 2011

Thermaltake CPU coolers are awesome....But for model railways????

I’ve seen some odd uses for our products over the years – often utilised in ways I’d have never expected. Today, we are reminded of the old saying "great CPU coolers never die, they're just put to different uses" (no really, I use that saying daily...) in the below image - a Thermaltake Big Typhoon being used in the construction of a model railway.....

Read the full railway construction diary. Do remember, when you're building your next layout to ensure you have some Thermaltake coolers on hand - looks like they're essential to any good railway build!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thermaltake Armor A30 SFF chassis review on BigBruin

"If you are looking for a small form factor case to take to LAN parties or just to save space, the Thermaltake Armor A30 is a great option. It has the features that are needed in an enthusiast level case, including a USB 3.0 port, SSD support, room for multiple hard drives, a removable motherboard tray, and even support for long video cards. On the surface, all the features in the Armor A30 make for an impressive Micro-ATX case. Being a small case, an initial concern would be temperatures, however the large 230mm fan, dual 60mm exhaust fans and the 90mm intake fan provide plenty of cooling."

Steven Kean - BigBruin

Thermaltake Armor A30 SFF chassis review by BigBruin - Introduction & Conclusion.

AtomicMPC say F1 2011 is 'most definitely a sim'

"Whether you’re into Formula 1 or not, if you like racing you’ll want to know up front if this is a ‘game’ or a ‘sim’. Because, ultimately, it all boils down to how the cars handle, how they feel. In terms of the car physics, this is most definitely a sim. In this respect it is an entirely new game, when compared to F1 2010. Driving and racing is exhilarating, challenging yet satisfying, and very addictive. The cars now exhibit real physics and straight off the bat you’ll feel at ease in the cockpit knowing that your inputs and reactions deliver a response that fits, makes sense, and lets you know that the headroom –and there’s plenty of that – is in getting good at real driving, rather than mastering a hit and miss developer’s model of driving."

Ben Mansill - AtomicMPC

Read the full article. Mittoni has both Playseats and G27s in stock to support this important racing title release - get into them!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Can my PC handle Battlefield 3?

There is a real buzz about Battlefield 3 at present. Not surprising considering we're expecting a return to the BF2 style gameplay, rather than the Bad Company gameplay we've experience of late. Designed for the PC (w00t) the new title pushes the envelope on what I'd call 'immersive environmental graphics' - check out the video below:

The question is - can my PC handle the new game? If you're wondering about this exact subject, let Nvidia tell ya!

When you're upgrading to play, consider the following:

Increase your RAM.
Change to SSD.
Cool that new CPU.
Gut it and start again.

Neha Kale from PowerRetail talks to John Winning from Appliances Online - How to blitz online retail!

“Our aim is to impress every customer. Even though we are an online retailer, our model is one that builds old-fashioned customer service into every aspect of the shopping experience. We listen to customer feedback and offer things such as free delivery, phone service available 16 hours a day, seven days a week, next day delivery to most metropolitan areas, and 360 degree camera imaging technology. Being online doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with our customers, in fact we want to create loyal relationships that last into the next generation”

John Winning - Appliances Online

Read the full article.

Logitech Z305 speakers for laptops and notebooks review on TechReaction

"For built-in laptop speaker replacements, the Z305 are like night-and-day when compared to using our laptop speakers during our testing. Once you get past the fact that these are not expensive home theater speakers or movie theater quality speakers, you will quickly become a fan of the Z305. They did not sound cheap, nor did they struggle in our testing any more than we expected. The claims of 360-degree listening experience made us a believer, and we must admit, at first we were pretty skeptical. For USB-powered speakers, the Z305 are among the best we’ve ever tested here at"

The Duke - TechReaction

Logitech Z305 laptop/notebook speaker review by TechReaction - Introduction & Conclusion.

TrackIR support now available for RailWorks2 Train Simulator!

Featuring automatic detecting and support for NaturalPoint's TrackIR 4 & 5 in RW2's Cab, HeadOut & Passenger Views - another great reason to get into TrackIR sales! Get the unofficial update for TrackIR for Railworks2.

Lian Li Lancool PC-K9WX mid tower chassis review on TechReaction

"Overall, the Lancool PC-K9WX was a great case to work with while building our test system. With the sleek stylish black brushed aluminum outside, this case is definitely easy on the eyes, even though it doesn’t feature any eye-catching decorative touches. The USB 3.0 connections are great to see as more and more peripherals are becoming USB 3.0 capable. Wire management was good with the case... Installation of all our hardware was easy with the tool-free nature of the PC-K9WX. Everything felt secure, especially the PCI cards with the great locking mechanism used. The anti-vibration rubber pads used were an added bonus for keeping the case as silent as possible by controlling the rattling the hard drives may produce. With the removable HDD cage, you can fit any GPU on the market inside this case, which is great news. You will also be able to install an Nvidia 590 without removing the cage, as you could see in our installation pictures. The synthetic dust filters installed on the PC-K9WX really help it stand out as a top-notch mid-tower in today’s marketplace."

The Duke - TechReaction

Lian Li Lancool PC-K9WX chassis review by TechReaction - Introduction & Conclusion.

Take on Helicopters to support TrackIR 6DOF!

"Bohemia Interactive announced, in cooperation with NaturalPoint, that its brand new helicopter game Take on Helicopters which immerses players within beautifully rich landscapes and an authentic helicopter experience, will include technology supporting the revolutionary controller TrackIR."


Read the press release. Take a look at our NaturalPoint TrackIR range.

Check out the videos:

Take on Helicopters:

Introduction To TrackIR:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Train Simulator 2012 released on 23rd Sept

The latest version of Railworks, now known as Train Simulator, has just been released. Featuring detailed driveable routes from the UK, US and Germany along with new graphics highlights such as rain and lighting effects this title is sure to please rail fans country wide!

Hmmmm... We have yokes, pedals and joysticks for flight sims. We have racing wheels for motor sports sims. If you think we don't have anything for rail simulation titles - you'd be wrong! The vast majority of the cab controls in both steam and diesel locomotives are levers - and that’s exactly what the Ch Products Quad Throttle does. Aside from the obvious throttle controls, use another lever for brake pipe pressure, sanding, etc. You'll find using the Quad Throttle for rail sims is a fantastic way of immersing yourself deeply into the title. With a number of incredibly popular rail sim titles currently available including the Aussie developed Trainz 2012 and the new Train Simulator 2012, there’s never been a better opportunity to break into this dedicated, yet surprisingly large, gaming community.

Video gamers make breakthrough scientific discovery

"When someone whines that your playing video games is a waste of time, tell them you’re doing it for science. Researchers at the University of Washington have successfully leveraged the power of gamers to solve a biochemical puzzle: the structure of a complex protein related to the development of AIDS. By playing an online game called Foldit, teams of average citizens were able to make a breakthrough discovery in how this protein was shaped even though scientists had stumbled over the question for more than a decade."

Aaron Saenz - SingularityHub

Read the full article.

Boeing delivers the first 787 aircraft to All Nippon Airways

"Dressed in specially designed All Nippon Airways (9202.T) livery, with a big, bold, blue "787" splashed at its fore, Boeing Co's (BA.N) Dreamliner will fly from its Seattle birthplace to Tokyo on Tuesday, and, just over a month later, begin active service for the Japanese carrier."

Peter Myers - Reuters

Read the full article. Captain's Pack anyone?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Supercomputer sifts through news items and predicts revolutions...

I'm not sure if this should be filed under scary or cool?

"A new type of software has been shown to predict revolutions by mining news reports around the world. Retrospectively mining the news for the past 30 years the software indicates points at which the likelihood for a revolution is high. When put to the test – bingo! – the software showed spikes just before the recent Egyptian and Libyan upheavals. It was also able to sift through world news to retrospectively pinpoint Osama Bin Ladin’s location to within 200 km. In the emerging science of ‘culturomics’ that tracks cultural trends through the written word, the software was the first to demonstrate that news coverage can be used to predict future events."

Peter Murray - SingularityHub

Read the full article.

Tt eSPORTS Meka G1 keyboard review on HardwareHeaven

"the Meka G1 does not come with fancy macro controls or flashy illumination options, that's not what the Meka G1 is about. What Tt eSPORTS have done is stripped back all this and created a very high quality product with some standout features. The finish on the Meka G1 is to a very high quality. The matt black is highlighted nicely with the red Tt logo and the use of the Military grade steel woven USB cable is a very impressive feature. We haven't seen this level of durability provided on many peripherals before. The quality continues when we look at the switches used. Cherry Black mechanical switches offer a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes, more than enough for even the most hard-core gamer. These keys also make the Meka a very nice board to type and game on"

Stuart Kerley - HardwareHeaven

Tt eSPORTS Meka G1 keyboard review by HardwareHeaven - Introduction & Conclusion.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sim Racing - Now It FEELS real - Let's Make It SOUND real!

There is one thing I love about motor racing - and Formula1 in particular. The sound! No point having the immersion of TrackIR and the G27, coupled with a Playseat or Roccaforte and a big monitor or TV to play on - without that inner ear shattering scream of tires and engines... or the thump as you hit the barrier or the tearing sound as you rip panels off another race vehicle in a collision. Well, rest assured - Mittoni has you covered there as well!

Choose from our excellent range of audio peripherals including:

Auzentech sound cards. Get real - Get Auzen!
Logitech 5.1 surround sound speakers. NOT your neighbours friend!
Surround sound & force feedback headsets. Double your whammy!

Live it. Love it. Just give us a turn too!

Sim Racing - Increase your situational awareness with TrackIR

Experience real time three dimensional view control in computer games and simulations just by moving your head! NaturalPoint's TrackIR takes your favourite games to astonishing new levels of realism and immersion. As you move in your chair and rotate your head small amounts your game view will instantly correspond. You'll never have to look away from your monitor because all aspects of your motion are amplified and the required amount of physical movement is totally user configurable.

The TrackIR pack contains a small wide angle infra red camera and a reflector clip which mounts on to the brim of a baseball style cap. The camera detects light reflected from the hat clip and tracks the movement of the reflections in order to provide precise input to programs that support axis based controls. In short, TrackIR turns your head movements into in game movements.

NaturalPoint's TrackIR series of head tracking devices is widely compatible with all the leading racing simulation titles. Check the full list of compatible racing titles. The Codemasters F1 2010/2011 games will be detected as a DiRT title - but works 100% in full 6DOF!

Take a look at our NaturalPoint TrackIR range. If you have simulation gaming customers - this is a MUST HAVE product for them.

Sim Racing & Flying - Meet the MILSPEC CH Racer pack!

So, you want to play F1 2011 tomorrow and the replacement for Flight Simulator, called Microsoft Flight in early 2012? Here is the ideal solution!

You play flight sims. You play racing sims. You're a simming fanatic and you want the best - but you don't have the desk space for separate flight yoke and racing wheel.

That's where CH Racer steps in! Combining the best features of the most respected Flight Yoke in existence with the features of a racing wheel and you have the Eclipse Yoke from CH.

Combine the latest and greatest controller from CH Products with the renown Pro Pedals and you're set for any meeting - whether on the race track, or in the air!

Take a closer look at the CH Racer Pack For PC & Mac or take a look at our extensive CH Products range. Go MILSPEC - Go HARD!

Sim Racing - Force Feeback Logitech G27 Wheel

Trying to play a racing sim title without a wheel is very much like trying to play a flight sim title without a joystick. It can be done.... Sure. But it's neither fun, nor intuitive, nor realistic is it? It leaves you with that feeling of 'great game, but I’m not really into it'. NOT COOL!

When you're ready to step up, Mittoni has got you covered with the superb Logitech G27 racing wheel. This leading and beloved solution is the tool of choice for most serious sim racers worldwide. It’s compatible with both PC and Playstation too, so you get the best of both worlds game title releases - BONUS! The wide platform compatibility for the G27 also makes it the perfect choice for resellers looking to sell into both the console and PC markets. You'll double your chance of a sale with the G27!

The G27 Racing Wheel has a dual motor force feedback mechanism with helical gearing allows you to experience traction loss, weight shift, and a smoother and more accurate road feel, while enjoying the exceptionally quiet steering action. The RPM/shift indicator LEDs keep lets you know just when to shift gears for maximum torque (in supported games). There are sixteen programmable buttons plus D-pad which you can map with useful game functions in locations that make sense to you — whether on the wheel itself or on the shift module.

Take a closer look at the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel For PC & Playstation.

Sim Racing - Roccaforte - The ultimate cockpit & work station!

Perhaps you're looking for a cockpit for simulation games..... But you only have room for a desk? NO PROBS! Enter the Roccaforte....

The Roccaforte is a multi purpose table, work station, gaming desk and command centre. This desk features a load of extra mini tables, including several elevated levels for multiple monitors and stacks of peripherals. This is the workstation you've always dreamed about!

With room for multiple LCDs, speakers, printers, plotters, graphics tablets, joysticks, racing wheels or any other needed peripheral, the Roccaforte's flexible positions allow the user to create the ideal environment for maximum enjoyment of games, or to increase their working productivity and comfort level.

The desk would make a great addition to a high end PC gaming centre and is also a perfect solution for people doing video editing, sound engineering, web design or data entry. If you use multiple monitors or input peripherals for work or play, there is no better solution available! Take Command - get the Roccaforte today!

As an added bonus, the Roccaforte has free delivery to the following post-code areas:

Sydney: 2000-2229, 2231-2231, 2558-2560, 2564-2567, 2747-2750, 2753-2754, 2756-2763, 2765-2768, 2770, 2773-2774, 2776-2780, 2782-2785. Canberra: 2600-2620, 2900-2914. Melbourne: 3000-3058, 3060-3062, 3064-3088, 3093-3095, 3101-3108, 3110-3111, 3116-3128, 3130-3138, 3140-3156, 3161-3186, 3188-3207, 3802-3806, 3975-3977. Brisbane: 4000-4022, 4029-4054, 4059-4069, 4072-4078, 4101-4123, 4127-4129, 4131-4155, 4157-4164, 4169-4179, 4205, 4209-4230, 4300-4305, 4350, 4500-4506, 4508-4510, 4551, 4556-4558, 4560, 4564-4567, 4572-4573, 4575. Gold Coast: 4211 - 4229. Perth: 6000-6032, 6050-6082, 6090-6122, 6147-6160, 6162-6171. Adelaide: 5000, 5001, 5006-5025, 5031-5035, 5037-5052, 5061-5070, 5072-5076, 5081-5098, 5106-5109, 5112-5115, 5125-5127, 5158-5166, 5168, 5950. Hobart: 7000-7109.

If you’re a “no quotes, give me guaranteed freight” reseller note that one trick, to avoid freight complications with the Roccas, is you can list them as available for delivery to ONLY the above areas (free freight zones). That way freight will never be an issue for your orders. This way, even if you normally only deal with satchel freight items - you still have plenty of opportunities to gain Roccaforte sales.

Take a closer look at the Roccaforte gaming desk and work station.

Sim Racing - The Playseat Series Of Cockpits

"The Playseats racing simulation cockpit lets you THRILL to the same experience that real life racing drivers feel behind the wheel.

Discover why professional videogamers know there’s nothing like the feeling you get when you bolt a feedback wheel to your game seat. Experience the rock solid feeling of steering, accelerating and braking without the hassle of a slippery pedal or the disappointment of a cheap trembling wheel attached to your desk.

Now it’s easy and fun to drive your own Formula 1, DTM or WRC in your own home, in front of your TV or computer, and feel like you’re in the middle of the action on your favourite track! Measure your own performance against the computer or your friends, or kick it up a notch and race online against other drivers anywhere in the world.

The Playseats game chair is compatible with all digital driving wheels ranging from Logitech, Fanatec and all leading racing wheel manufacturers. Talk about compatible! The Playseats game chair works right out of the box with your PS3, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360, PC, or Wii."

There is no more effective solution available to Australian racing simulation gamers than the Playseat series. Combining the telescopic feature ensuring they suit drivers of all heights, an excellent folding design for easy storage when not in use and an attractive styling so you never really WANT to put it away - it'll enhance your lounge room, perhaps even becoming your centre piece!

Would you like to know more? Take a closer look at our extensive & inexpensive Playseat range.

Sim Racing - F1 2011 on Friday 23rd - Gentlemen... Start your Playseats!

The new version of the brilliant Formula1 game franchise, F1 2011, is released world wide on Friday 23rd Sept (this week) for PC, Playstation & Xbox. We know our gaming gear skyrockets in sales with each major corresponding game launch. This will be no exception! So, if you have previously not offered our racing simulation products, be sure to do so ASAP! Take a look at the other articles in today’s newsletter to gain the track knowledge you'll need to dominate this busy season’s sim racing sales. We have many products that the top 10 motor racing drivers use for both training and enjoyment themselves - so take yer eyes off the promo girls and put em back on the prize!

"F1 2011 is the sequel to the BAFTA winning FORMULA ONE videogame from Codemasters, the developer and publisher of award winning racing games. Developed under Codemasters’ exclusive worldwide agreement with Formula One World Championship Limited, F1 2011 will come complete with all the official drivers, teams and circuits featuring in the 2011 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

With a new focus on multiplayer gaming, including coop Championships and split screen mode, F1 2011 will invite players to ‘Be The Driver, Live the Life, Go Compete’ with a range of innovations, improvements and enhancements on and off the track. Set to be the most enthralling season yet, the 2011 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP features two new circuits in India and Germany, new drivers, rules, tyres as Sebastian Vettel seeks to defend his title."

Lian Li PC-90 aka "THE HAMMER" review on Techpowerup

"Overall this chassis is excellent, not only for the HPTX crowd, as "The Hammer" can easily take any other major mainboard size and still shine. In the end the Lian Li PC-90 is an excellent case, with plenty of expansion room in addition to being the most affordable Aluminum HPTX chassis on the market right now - a no brainer really. If you are in the market for a case that takes these boards, but want to steer clear of the monsters usually offered, the PC-90 is not only the one choice you have, but also an excellent one."

Darksaber - TechPowerUp

Lian Li PC-90 The Hammer chassis review by Techpowerup - Introduction & Conclusion.

Logitech Z906 speaker review on TechAU

"In amongst all the explosions, gunfire, cussing and background noise I was still able to hear a surprising amount of detail. The sound was crisp, perky and above all else definitely miles ahead of things I’d heard on TV and through my old speaker system. Secondly I fired up a copy of Avatar, perhaps one of the most visually impressive films of all time that also features an impressive audio mix. Distant animal cries, ambient sounds and other things poked through, things I’d never heard or detected before. Bass performance during action scenes was impressive and I felt it never washed or drowned out the important sounds coming from the satellites themselves. Even my housemate was astounded by the quality of the sound, at one point commenting it actually sounded like my room was a rainforest. It sounds zany, but this compact system is one of the best cost to performance systems on the market. The Z906 is impressive, to say the least."

Bryce Wilson - TechAU

Logitech Z906 review by TechAU - Full Article.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Philosopher Neal Stephenson discusses the future of cyberspace - Porn? Shopping? Social Networks? Noooooo friends.

"What I didn’t anticipate, what actually came along to drive down the cost of 3D graphics hardware, was games. And so the virtual reality that we all talked about and that we all imagined 20 years ago didn’t happen in the way that we predicted. It happened instead in the form of video games."

Neal Stephenson - Interview on Forbes

Read the full interview with Neal Stephenson on Forbes.

OCAU take a look at HDMI cables from inexpensive to very expensive - any difference?

"There is no significant difference between our cheapest (and cheapest looking - with non gold plated connector) bundled Toshiba HDMI cable, and the most expensive (and coolest looking - it's freaking purple, with shiny ends and cool looking screws in the connector- check it out!) Audio Dimension 5m HDMI cable."

Zee - OCAU

Zee from the OCAU forums looks into HDMI cable performance with a range of price levels - forum thread. Great news for our inexpensive, yet extremely popular, Wicked Wired HDMI cable range!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thermaltake V4 Black Edition (450w) review on Scewre

"This is a desirable case for a gamer that doesn’t need a huge case, but one that can fit all of their hardware that can be cooled more than adequately while maintaining a stylish look. At a price of only $39.99 depending on where you can find it, it’s almost a steal with such features that you wouldn’t even find on pricier cases."


You can read the full V4 Black Edition Scewre review here.

Thermaltake V3 Black Edition (450w) reviews

"All in all, this case is not a bad case at all. It stood right with the competition in three out of four of the tests. Not only that, but compared to the similarly priced NZXT Gamma, the V3 sported more features - including an external 3.5" bay, rear LED fan, and the small window on the side panel."

Compxpert - OverclockersClub

"Thermaltake V3 Black Edition is an excellent case if you consider its price tag. It brings an excellent cost/benefit ratio for users looking for a good yet inexpensive computer case."

Rafael Otto Coelho - HardwareSecrets

Perhaps you're more of a video review person?

You can read the full V3 Black Edition OverclockersClub review here and the HardwareSecrets review here.

Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I (w/500w) mid tower chassis now available!

The Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I mid tower chassis with 500w PSU enters service today. It joins an established line up of stellar performers such as the V3 & V4 Black Editions with 450w PSU, V9 BlacX, the Chaser MK-I, Overseer RX-I and the Level 10 GT. If it pushes a boundary - you can bet it's Thermaltake! So….. What boundary are Tt pushing today?

It's an important boundary, one we all consider as consumers and one that Thermaltake is both recognised and applauded for pushing. It's the reason Thermaltake cases, in particular, are the most highly sought after chassis around. It's known as bang for buck, it's known as getting your moneys worth and it's also known as a bloody good deal!

What do you get with a Thermaltake chassis which you don't get with most other brands offerings? You get more features than you're paying for. A lot more features than you're paying for, at least in comparison to similarly priced offerings from Thermaltake's numerous imitators and competitors.

Lets take the new Spacecraft VF-I as an example. Compare the following feature highlight points with your current chassis offerings:

* 500w power supply with all the connectors you need for your system builds.
* Its got USB3. That’s important, its a consumer confidence thing.
* Its all black! Sexeh black on the inside too!
* Its got a window. No point being sexeh black on the inside if no one can see it!
* Takes a full sized ATX motherboard, not just MicroATX!
* Aluminium front bezel & overall chassis styling creates an esports swagger.
* Supports up to 7 fans, so you can create your own multi vortex hurricane!
* Supports long graphic cards inc AMD Radeon HD6990 & nVidia GTX590.
* Internal mounting positions for both 2.5" & 3.5" drives.
* Supports high performance 240mm water cooling radiator.
* Supports large after market CPU coolers like the FrioOCK & Jing.

With a feature highlight set of this magnitude and such a reasonable reseller price, if we weren't in space - you could hear our competitors scream!

Thermaltake - Leave No Feature Behind!

TechReport reconsider traditional benchmarking of GPU performance

"I suppose it all started with a brief conversation. Last fall, I was having dinner with Ramsom Koay, the PR rep from Thermaltake. He's an inquisitive guy, and he wanted to know the answer to what seemed like a simple question: why does anyone need a faster video card, so long as a relatively cheap one will produce 30 frames per second? And what's the deal with more FPS, anyway? Who needs it?

I'm ostensibly the expert in such things, but honestly, I wasn't prepared for such a question right at that moment. Caught off guard, I took a second to think it through and gave my best answer. I think it was a good one, as these things go, with some talk about avoiding slowdowns and maintaining a consistent illusion of motion. But I realized something jarring as I was giving it—that the results we provide our readers in our video card reviews don't really address the issues I'd just identified very well.

That thought stuck with me and began, slowly, to grow. I was too busy to do much about it as the review season cranked up, but I did make one simple adjustment to my testing procedures: ticking the checkbox in Fraps—the utility we use to record in-game frame rates—that tells it to log individual frame times to disk. In every video card review that followed, I quietly collected data on how long each frame took to render.

Finally, last week, at the end of a quiet summer, I was able to take some time to slice and dice all of the data I'd collected. What the data showed proved to be really quite enlightening—and perhaps a bit scary, since it threatens to upend some of our conclusions in past reviews. Still, I think the results are very much worth sharing. In fact, they may change the way you think about video game benchmarking."

Techreport reconsider traditional GPU Frames Per Second benchmarking.

Brick & mortar multichannel FTW says Swinburne Uni

"New findings show that Australians purchase online more frequently than customers in other countries, spending on average $206 a month. They are also avid window-shoppers, who increasingly conduct their research online but still buy from bricks and mortar retailers.... Multi-channel would seem the way to go both in terms of providing consumer information to assist shoppers in their purchases and then providing the means for shopper to easily purchase either on or offline. Good up-to-date information on in-store inventory and the ability to order goods not in stock would also seem to be important"

Neha Kale - PowerRetail

Read the Full Article.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I mid tower with 500w PSU now available!

Explore endless possibilities into the cyberspace

The new Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I mid-tower chassis embodies the unique design for eSports look and feel, that encourage space addicts to explore cyberspace with endless possibility, together with an external USB 3.0 connection, the water cooling support for internal 240mm radiator; it is designed especially for Micro-ATX and ATX motherboards, also it now benefits from the impressive ventilation performance of the “HDD” , “CPU “ and “VGA” Air Cooling Systems. In terms of the unique mechanical design and enhanced thermal system of the Spacecraft VF-I mid-tower chassis, it is a great alternative for DIY users of all levels. Allowing for flexibility, easy maintenance and upgradeable possibilities, the advanced features make the new Spacecraft VF-I mid-tower chassis be an accessible e-Sports chassis in the market.

Maximum Expansion Possibilities and Aluminium front bezel

Thermaltake devoted to create an exciting and fascinating user experience and a more personalized lifestyle for the users and gamers. The design concept of the Spacecraft VF-I mid-tower chassis can be breakdown into “Space” and “Craft.” As “space” is the major concern when it comes to what could be equipped in a chassis, the Thermaltake spaced the interior of Spacecraft VF-I mid-tower chassis to facilitate the installation of all mirco-ATX and ATX with the ability to attach one of our prime CPU cooler the Frio OCK for maximum expansion possibilities. It will also supports the most advance AMD & NVIDIA® graphic cards up to 12.5” long (i.e. nVidia GTX 590 & AMD HD6990). Moreover, Spacecraft VF-I mid-tower chassis provides massive storage capability with 4 x 5.25”, 6 x 3.5” and 1 x 2.5” HDD/SSD bays. Featuring the intelligent layout and engineered interior, Thermaltake also crafted the exterior together with an aluminium front bezel and explicit aerodynamic design which conditioned the Spacecraft VF-I the capability to proceed through and be recognized in the dark-space with a distinctive space style. The appealing Spacecraft VF-I mid-tower chassis boosts the imagination of the gamers when adventuring in the fascinating games.

Excellent Ventilation and Accessibility

Thermaltake revolutionizes the PC market by create, innovate and implement the most efficient solution in its technology. The Spacecraft VF-I mid-tower chassis supports up to 7 fans for superior airflow and maximum airflow efficiency ranging from 80mm to 120mm bearing. Utilizing the chassis’s smartly water-cooling ready design, the Spacecraft VF-I mid-tower chassis can be easily transformed to accommodate high-efficiency 24cm radiator to increase more powerful cooling ability. The superior cooling system of the Spacecraft VF-I mid-tower chassis symbolized the essential air element in the cyberspace, the gamers are under protection with the excellent ventilation while proceeding through space. Plus, pre-installed dust filters for fan, PSU and 5.25/3.25” drive bays which can avoid outside particles from finding its way into the power supply and chassis, also a removable and cleanable particle filter is positioned underneath the chassis, providing an easy access to keep Spacecraft VF-I clean. Furthermore, the unique tool-free and anti-vibration 5.25” and 3.5” mechanisms grant instant access and ultimate protection for Spacecraft VF-I mid-tower chassis equipments.

Further information about other great features like smart cable management, built-in Superspeed USB 3.0 and how it could support liquid cooling system is featured on Thermaltake Australia. You'll also find the Spacecraft VF-I mid tower chassis with 500w PSU now available from Mittoni.

Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I chassis video on TechnoKitchen

Thermaltake Spacecraft VF-I chassis introduction video on TechnoKitchen (Russian language).

The awesome Spacecraft VF-I mid tower chassis is due into stock today @ Mittoni.

Upcoming Flight Simulation Titles For PC & Mac

Upcoming flight simulation title news - Gaijin Entertainment have updated the World Of Planes website again, adding some screenshots of Korean War era aircraft - Including the F86! OMG that is just super sexeh! Watch a video of the current build:

In other simulation news, Bohemia Interactive are prepping Take On Helicopters for release. From the well known Operation Flashpoint, ArmA & ArmA2 developer, this one looks to be loads of fun!

When we talk flight simulation, we're talking controllers. Mittoni offers an extensive range of Flight Sim orientated peripherals all designed to maximise your experience with these titles. Choose from CH Products range of MILSPEC robust joysticks, pedals and yokes, Logitech joysticks and G940, NaturalPoint's TrackIR series of head tracking devices & don't forget the sensational force feedback headsets from eDimensional. We even have interactive voice control software, so you can order your crew to raise gear... and not have to press any buttons. Easy.

You'll stay on target with Mittoni!

Prolimatech Genesis CPU cooler review on Xbitlabs

"we can definitely recommend Prolimatech Genesis, a high-quality product with a lot of advantages, to all users who need an efficient and quiet cooler. Therefore Prolimatech Genesis receives our Ultimate Innovation title"

Sergey Lepilov - Xbitlabs

Prolimatech Genesis CPU cooler review introduction & conclusion.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tt eSPORTS Meka G1 mechanical keyboard review on Tweaktown

"Is the MEKA G Unit something you want on your desk? Yes. Usually I find it hard to recommend mechanical-based gaming keyboards, but this is another tick in that box. It doesn't feel as hard as the original MEKA to use... a near-perfect mechanical gaming keyboard."

Anthony Garreffa - Tweaktown

Tt eSPORTS MEKA G1 keyboard review Full Article.

Cripes I'm getting old! Techspot celebrate 30 years of the PC

"Earlier this month the original IBM PC model 5150 celebrated its 30th anniversary. Although it wasn't the first personal computer ever sold, it was largely responsible for shaping the industry in the years to come -- and still to this day -- by eschewing proprietary components in favor of off-the shelf parts. IBM even contracted out its operating system to Microsoft and decided on an open architecture so that other manufacturers could produce and sell compatible software and peripherals. The result was an ever expanding industry and a new model for computer manufacturing.

Many years have passed and plenty of milestones were met along the way, from the first PC clones in 1982, to the Internet revolution in the 90s and the so-called post-PC devices hitting the market today. We didn't want to let the occasion go by without paying our respects to the legacy that the 5150 brought. Here are some of the most important developments in the industry over the last 30+ years."

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Thermaltake Chaser MK-I chassis review on Neoseeker

"The Thermaltake MK-1 is not a case designed for the majority of computer builders. Instead, it is built exclusively for extreme gamers that are looking for a case with an aggressive visual style and room for the most high-end of components. On these fronts the MK-1 succeeds, as its rugged looks should appeal to gamers, and it also has ample volume for larger graphics cards measuring over 12 inches, multiple motherboard types, and up to six 3.5/2.5-inch storage drives. So as far as expandability goes, the MK-1 is well equipped to handle virtually any component on the market with ease."

Chris Ledenican - Neoseeker

Thermaltake Chaser MK-I chassis review introduction & conclusion.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Multichannel food for thought on PowerRetail

"If price comparisons are that much of a problem, there are far bigger issues with your business than any ill-conceived foray into online will ever solve. The problem with most retailers is they are still addressing the basics of the online customer experience, and getting the fundamentals right has been critical to the success of all multichannel retailers. Multichannel isn’t easy but it’s not complicated either, and it’s also not an option – multichannel is a must if you want to survive in retail."

Grant Arnott - PowerRetail

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Noctua NH-C14 CPU cooler review on OCAU

"Noctua's NH-C14 proves to be a versatile solution for those who upgrade their case regularly and don't want to be stuck with a ginormous cooler limiting their upgrade paths, or just prefer to choose a cooling solution that is able to take a lot of CPU heat while maintaining low noise levels in a HTPC desktop or tower case configuration. While its single fin array is half of what the big brother NH-D14 sports, it was able to keep up with it during our tests surprisingly well, considering the lower surface area."


Noctua NH-C14 CPU cooler review introduction & conclusion.

Thermaltake Armor A30 mini chassis review on Neoseeker

"The overall design of the Armor A30 is awesome. The most notable features is support for longer graphics cards, up to three 3.5" and two 2.5" hard drives, and two 5.25" optical drives With support for µATX motherboards, it can house everything needed for a hell of a rig. It does so with style too, as there is not a single area in the case that has not been painted. One should be very proud to show off hardware via the windows on each side of the A30. Furthermore, their components are going to be kept reasonably cool, thanks to the oversized 230mm fan at the top, a 80mm fan on the front and two smaller 60mm fans at the back. During testing, this equipment allowed the A30 to compete with the larger cases!"

Carl Poirier - Neoseeker

Thermaltake Armor A30 chassis review introduction & conclusion.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Thermaltake Armor A90 chassis vs 350km/Hr winds from multi vortex tornado....

"On May 22 the city of Joplin, Missouri, was hit by a tornado. Reports say more than 150 people were killed and hundreds injured, while many homes were destroyed. In the aftermath, we received an unusual email forwarded to us from PC case company Thermaltake. It was from a Joplin resident Jason Hunt, who was so proud that his PC was still working, days after tornado hit, that he had emailed Thermaltake to tell them about it."

William Maher - PC Authority

Thermaltake Armor A90 chassis vs multi vortex tornado!

Tt eSPORTS Meka G1 mechanical keyboard review on LegitReviews

"Build quality on this board, and it's "military grade" marketing were well matched. The thick heavy duty cable may bother some, as it's slightly harder to route behind your desk than a power cable for your monitor or PSU, but at the same time, it's built so well and does have a purpose, that I cannot argue with the implementation chosen by Thermaltake. More so, Thermaltake definitely chose a proven and reliable OEM to build their keyboard. Even it if it is based on the standard Costar CST-104 design, it is an exceptional choice. The Meka G1 is definitely a fantastic product from Thermaltake, and being a bit of a keyboard enthusiast myself; I would highly recommend this keyboard to anyone looking to bust into the mechanical scene who would like a gaming oriented keyboard. "

Charles McGraw - LegitReviews

Tt eSPORTS Meka G1 keyboard review by LegitReviews - Introduction & Conclusion.

Tt eSPORTS Black Element gaming mouse review on Neoseeker

"The Black Element seems to have incorporated many of the elements that have proven over time to be successful in the mouse market: fancy LED colors to play with, enough buttons to please the majority of people, an excessive amount of DPI settings (which really isn't a bad thing), 128kb of onboard memory with plenty of room to play around, a very high polling rate, a weight-in design and, most importantly, an all-around solid configuration software. This is of course combined with a refined design, which has already seen quite an improvement since the first mouse in the Tt eSports brand. With this mouse, Thermaltake seems to have proven that it can play with the big boys while even adding its own little innovations. The Black Element retails currently at around $60, which represents good value for RTS, MMO, and FPS players who can look past the somewhat questionable button placements. Even if all the features that this mouse can offer aren't necessarily needed, the design alone is certainly a good enough reason to buy it anyway. The $60 price point still puts the Black Element in the middle-end range of gaming mice, which in light of of all its qualities seems to undersell the Black Element."

Carl Poirier - Neoseeker

Tt eSPORTS Black Element mouse review by Neoseeker - Introduction & Conclusion.

G.Skill DDR3 RipjawsX memory kit review in The Overclocker

"The truth, at least for this particular set, is that at this price its damn near impossible to find better RAM. This set costs you less than the price of a Triple-A gaming title. So even if you’re not sure you’re in need of another set of RAM, it’s priced in such a way that you’re inclined to buy a set if only to keep as an emergency kit in case your valuable 7-7-7 2000MHz memory makes it to hardware heaven. In such a situation you’ll be glad that for just over $50 you still have a working machine... Overall, we are unusually moved by this set. It’s ridiculously cheap and performs much better than you’d expect a set of this price to"

Neo Sibeko - The Overclocker

G.Skill DDR3 RipjawsX memory kit review by The Overclocker - Issue 16

Lian Li's brand new PC-90 chassis on BenchmarkReviews

"With its subtle, elegant appearance the PC-90 is fit for any situation, whether it be a high powered office workstation or a high powered gaming machine. Lian Li understand that not everyone wants a visually distracting exterior on their cases and as such has created many cases that are far more subtle and beautiful than their brethren around it in the enclosure market. As with other Lian Li designs the PC-90 is a beautifully built product that is perfectly polished to create a wonderful experience for users. Key to this experience is the fact that the PC-90 is built out of aluminum, so although it retains its strength, at 14.77lbs it weighs a fraction of other cases that are of comparable size. The PC-90 is very functional allowing for users to fit almost any combination of parts inside of it. From a powerful dual socket workstation or server to a quad GPU gaming beast the PC-90 is designed to handle it all."

Austin Downing - BenchmarkReviews

Lian Li PC-90 chassis review by BenchmarkReviews - Introduction & Conclusion.