Friday, August 20, 2010

*Exclusive* Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler Unboxing, on

My old friend Elric Phares from gets down with the Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler and his cat likes it too! I had the chance to spend some time with Elric in Cancun Mexico some years ago and I can tell you this guy knows his stuff!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

G.Skill Phoenix Pro 120GB on pureoverclock

Over the last year or so we've looked at many Solid State Drives that feature various technologies, controllers specifically, in the attempt to boost speed and performance. Some have been successful, some have not. The popular Indilinx-based SSDs have proven very adept and shown impressive results, though there have been some growing pains along the way.
But the new SandForce drives offer killer performance, even leaving the Indilinx drives in the dust. Normally such performance boosts come with a very hefty premium, but that's not happening for the most part, but especially with the G.Skill Phoenix Pro 120GB. We have a drive here that is crazy fast and a pretty darn good deal when you look at the competition; frankly, it's a standout.
The new SandForce drives offer killer performance, even leaving the Indilinx drives in the dust. Normally such performance boosts come with a very hefty premium, but that's not happening for the most part, but especially with the G.Skill Phoenix Pro 120GB. We have a drive here that is crazy fast and a pretty darn good deal when you look at the competition; frankly, it's a standout.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

V9 BlacX The Case They Wish They Had!

Thermaltake has introduced the world's first mid-tower chassis with integrated dual bay docking station for handy easy-swap of 3.5" and 2.5" SATA drives right from the top of the case. Users can handle data access and transfer on-the-go without the need to install their harddrives or having to add an external docking device. The color-coded (blue) USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connector in front of the case makes it most convenient to connect the latest USB 3.0 devices without having to crawl behind your case under the desk. Another USB 2.0 connector as well as HD audio microphone and earphone jacks on the top put all major multimedia connectors right in your hand's reach. The toolfree, all black Thermaltake V9 BlacX Edition offers a total of 10 bays for maximum storage expansion and 7 PCI expansion slots.

- The World’s first Dual Bay Docking Station on Top chassis
- Innovative dual bay docking design for convenient easy-swap 3.5” and 2.5” SATA drives
- Built-in latest USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connector
- Top 23 cm silent fan for maximum ventilation
- Toolfree installation for 5.25", 3.5"drives and PCI devices
- Long graphic card supported including Radeon HD 5970
As characteristic for Thermaltake chassis, special attention had been paid to optimized ventilation and airflow. Therefore one 23 cm exhaust Silent fan on top and another 12 cm exhaust TurboFan in the back warrant that heat dissipated by the CPU is immediately blown out of the case. The drive cage for five hidden 3.5" drives is rotated by 90 degrees as to allow users direct access and easiest toolless installation, while a 12 cm intake fan with blue LED light effect right in front of the cage makes sure that the harddrives are continuously cooled down at all times. The V9 BlackX Edition is also ready for liquid cooling setups with two holes for 1/2", 1/8" and 1/4" water tubes in back. Further airflow is created by 2 pre-drilled ventilation hole areas on each side panel of the case.

Thermaltake Engadget Look at the V9 BlacX

Engadget: In fact, we just made a promise to ourselves to never buy another case without this kind of magnificent integration
PC chassis enthusiasts (yeah, there is such a thing) will surely know that Thermaltake's V9 Black Edition has been out for a couple of years now, but there's evidently quite a bit of difference in the V9 BlacX Edition. Aside from that awkward letter change, of course. The otherwise ho hum mid-tower enclosure -- complete with a black outer shell, seven PCI expansion slots and a grand total of ten drive bays -- spruces things up by offering a pair of SATA HDD docks right on the front panel. Basically, the company took one of these right here and smashed it into the front of its newest enclosure. With it, you'll able to shove any spare 2.5- or 3.5-inch SATA hard drive right into your system for quick access, all without needing an external peripheral to do it. In fact, we just made a promise to ourselves to never buy another case without this kind of magnificent integration.

V9 blacX is in stock now!
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3RD Space Gaming Impact Vest Need A Bigger One Babe?

Only Christina can looks that good in a gaming vest!

The 3rd Space Vest revolutionizes the way people play video games and redefines the concept of interactive entertainment. Get pounded with body slams and blasted by gun fire - the 3rd Space Vests from TN Games take gameplay beyond sight and sound, creating spatial awareness of the world your character inhabits! Unlike traditional force feedback products, the 3rd Space Vest is an impact generating device that gives you precise pressure where it happens, as it happens.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Bone Collection 3gs And iPhone 4 Cases For Power Uses On The Go!

If you spend a lot of time on the go and use your iPhone a lot you will know how painful it can be to have to carry headphones with you all the time, if you just throw them in your pocket there is a good chance you will lose them I know I have lost my fair share, you also have the risk of damaging them.
The Bone Collection iPhone 3GS Wrap and the iPhone 4 Doggy cases not only have an attractive design that stands out from the crowd, these cover is also highly practical, protecting your favourite digital device and headphones! That's right the doggy and the wrap provide an elegant solution for storing your headphone for easy use.
Both the Wraps and Doggy cases provide full 4 side protection by supplying an easy to use screen protector that is washable (for when that cat hair gets under it when trying to apply the film) and almost completely invisible when installed.
And as an added bonus the Wraps and Doggie come with an Included Gentle Strap otherwise known as a keitai strap, to add the extra convenience and style when using your Bone case.

Phone Doggy 4
+ Protect your iPhone 4 from dust
+ Provide excellent texture
+ The case for iPhone 4 combined with a cord keeper
provides a perfect storage
+ Washable silicone case
+ 100% Bio-degradable
+ Included a screen protector
+ Included a Gentle Strap

Size: 65x112x16 mm
Net Weight: 25 g

Phone Wrap 3GS
+ The design provides the perfect protection for iPhone 3GS &
iPhone 3G
+ Wrap earphone cord easily
+ Micro Pattern 3D Touch
+ Anti-static electricity gets away from the dirt
+ 100% Bio-degradable and environmental
+ The strap hole behind together with integral
+ Included a screen protector
+ Included a Gentle Strap

Size: 65x117x24 mm
Net Weight: 28 g

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Ninja Is Back With Friends!

All 3 Ninja found!


Ninja never bring a gun to a sword fight. Ninja don't use guns. Ever.

The only way to end a ninja clan is to break the head ninja's sword.

Ninja never show their real face. If the need to show a face arises, it should be a very shiny mask. This is the only possible substitute.

When attacking a single ninja with a clan of ninja (more than 4, less than that is only a posse), it is proper ninja etiquette to fight with only one ninja at a time. This makes for a much nicer fight to the death.

NOTE: if you are planning to fight the mack daddy ninja, be sure to bring lots of lesser ninja to warm him up for your grand entrance.

When fighting with bow and arrows, a proper ninja will always destroy his bow if one of his arrows is caught in mid-air, and then broken over one knee of another ninja.

Ninja stars and sake are a perfectly good currency for ninja payments.

Ninja always use 4 pointed ninja stars. The fancy stars with more than for points are for the lesser ninja.

Ninja can only use their special disappearing powers in combination with a smoke bomb. This is not negotiable.

When training with other ninja, it is proper to group off into different colours. Stay with your colour at all times! Failure to keep with your colour results in a circle kicking, where you are in the centre of the circle.

Ninja always wear tabi boots. Even when they sleep.

When confronting other ninja, always try to wear a different colour than that of the ninja you are attacking. It is proper ninja-etiquette to give "home" colour to the defending ninja.

Ninja don't sleep. I know I said they do above, but I lied.

It's expected that ninja will lie from time to time.

When encountering large falls and leaps it is appropriate to always give the right-of-way to the first ninja to jump.

With that said it is equally appropriate to give the needed time and space for the following ninja to jump and catch up.

Ninja never wear headbands with the word 'ninja' printed on them. This would be a dead give away when trying to blend in. NOTE: Sometimes as a joke the elder ninja make the geek of the clan wear such a headband. Sort of like a "dunce" cap.the best ninja wear headbands with bones on them.

PQI USB3 Hard Drives, RAM & Flash Memory Now Available

Power Quotient International (PQI), a true technology trendsetter, are one of the most respected memory module and flash memory manufacturers around. With cutting edge R&D and expansive professional knowledge, PQI offer multiple lines of world class products covering DRAM, flash cards, solid state drives and mobile hard disk drives. PQI are ranked within the top ten RAM and flash memory manufacturers worldwide and whilst memory module production was PQI's initial focus, today they offer trusted & reliable solutions for SSD, flash memory and mobile HDDs alongside their impressive memory product lines.

For more news check our blog

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Prolimatech Armageddon CPU cooler review on Bjorn3d

"I am rather impressed by the performance of the Prolimatech Armageddon CPU cooler... I liked how Prolimatech put the heat-pipes in direct contact with the air flow from the fans, as this will allow a much better temperature control vs having the heat-pipes off the the edges of the CPU cooler itself. By keeping the 12 heat-pipes (6 actual) similar to the Mega Shadow CPU cooler, this really shows the improvement of this design... The Prolimatech Armageddon, is a perfect candidate for any seriously, over sized, over powered, over killed, overclocked, HTPC's, or computer."

Raymond Buckland -
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Noctua NH-C12P SE14 CPU cooler featured on Overclockersonline

"With the NH-C12P SE14, Noctua has another quality cooler that lives up to their reputation of quiet operation thanks in part to the included 140mm NF-P14 fan. The SecuFirm2 mounting hardware remains one of the easiest to install among high end coolers and cooling performance is good. Full compatibility with all current AMD and Intel sockets mean that no matter what CPU you have, the NH-C12P SE14 has you covered. The C-type design of the NH-C12P SE14 should allow for a wide range of motherboard and case compatibility... Noctua has another great cooler with the NH-C12P SE14 that offers good cooling performance with a near silent operation that should make anyone happy."

Jared -
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G.Skill Phoenix Pro 60Gb SSD review on Thinkcomputers

"These new SandForce-based drives are really setting the standard for enthusiast solid state drives... As far as performance goes the Phoenix Pro did very well scoring 284MB/s read and 272MB/s write in ATTO Disk Benchmark, the highest score of all the SandForce-based drives we have tested. Keep in mind that the SF-1200 chip specifications are 260MB/s read and write. G.Skill has improved that by giving this drive speeds of 285MB/s read and 275MB/s write and the results were right on... Just like all other SandForce-based drives you get native TRIM garbage collection and SMART support... I do like that this drive does come with a mounting bracket. Many cases still do not have mounting systems for 2.5-inch drives so it is nice that the mounting bracket is included."

Bob Buskirk -

Techspot reports on StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty performance

The new Terran briefing system allows the play...Image via Wikipedia
"The intention of testing 4v4 gameplay was to look for the worst case performance scenario on StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Gamers have little to fear on the GPU front as this is not a game that challenges the latest graphics cards. We found that even older, previous generation cards such as the GeForce GTX 260 and even the Radeon HD 4870 are good enough to tackle the most demanding aspects of this game...When it comes to picking the right CPU for this game things become a little trickier. Generally when testing first person shooters we find that a budget quad-core processor will deliver similar performance than a more expensive high-end model, such as the Core i7 920. However real-time strategy games are often more demanding on the CPU side and StarCraft II is no exception. The problem lies in that StarCraft II will only utilize two cores and as a result a Phenom II X4 965 will not be any faster than a Phenom II X2 555. This proved to be a real issue for older quad-core processors like the Core 2 Quad Q6600, which delivered very poor performance even when overclocked to 3.0GHz. When testing we found that a minimum frame rate of 30fps was ideal, sadly the Q6600 only allowed for a minimum frame rate of 22fps when coupled with the mighty GeForce GTX 480. CPU clock speeds and thus overclocking can help enhancing StarCraft II performance considerably. We saw a whopping 32% performance increase when boosting the frequency of our Core i7 920 processor from the stock 2.66GHz to 3.70GHz, a 39% overclock. The Core i5 750 produced a massive 40% gain in average frame rates from a similar overclock, which is incredible."

Steven Walton -

Direct from the front lines, this report indicates clearly that CPU upgrades and processor overclocking is great for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty performance. Get into easy air cooling for CPUs and for the more adventurous, check out our full range of liquid cooling solutions. For other performance gains to be had when serious gaming is your mission, be sure to look into a RAM upgrade and the move to SSD for your OS & frequently used apps drive. We love our PC gaming here at Mittoni - We believe in and support the PC as the ultimate gamers platform, so talk to your account manager today about maximizing your game experience! We have gear to suit just about every requirement from NaturalPoint, CH Products, Rude Gameware, TN Games, eDimensional, Wolfclaw, Mushaburui & Ideazon.

G.Skill Phoenix Pro 120Gb SSD on Guru3d

"use an SSD like the G.Skill Phoenix as boot/root drive for your OS, Games and applications and pop in a nice massive HDD for storage of your documents, music and movies. That very combination is brilliant and though people are still very weary making a move from HDD to SSD, we can only say .. once you turned to SSD, there's now ay in hell you ever want to go back... Overall G.Skill is a little cheaper compared to names like OCZ and Corsair, offering nearly the same drives. So if you are in the market for an SSD of this caliber and can find it in etail, then by all means do not hesitate. This is a fully fetched blazing fast SSD. Turn on AHCI in your BIOS, and you'll have Trim, NCQ and hot-swappability available for you as well. The Phoenix 120GB now comes with a hand 3.5" bracket for HDD bay installation and you'll receive a 3-year warranty similar to other vendors. This product comes very much recommended."

Hilbert Hagedoorn -