Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lian Li Lancool PC-K9WX mid tower chassis review on TechReaction

"Overall, the Lancool PC-K9WX was a great case to work with while building our test system. With the sleek stylish black brushed aluminum outside, this case is definitely easy on the eyes, even though it doesn’t feature any eye-catching decorative touches. The USB 3.0 connections are great to see as more and more peripherals are becoming USB 3.0 capable. Wire management was good with the case... Installation of all our hardware was easy with the tool-free nature of the PC-K9WX. Everything felt secure, especially the PCI cards with the great locking mechanism used. The anti-vibration rubber pads used were an added bonus for keeping the case as silent as possible by controlling the rattling the hard drives may produce. With the removable HDD cage, you can fit any GPU on the market inside this case, which is great news. You will also be able to install an Nvidia 590 without removing the cage, as you could see in our installation pictures. The synthetic dust filters installed on the PC-K9WX really help it stand out as a top-notch mid-tower in today’s marketplace."

The Duke - TechReaction

Lian Li Lancool PC-K9WX chassis review by TechReaction - Introduction & Conclusion.