Friday, October 23, 2015

Thermaltake Suppressor F51 Chassis Delivers The Perfect User Experience Reports Neoseeker

"The cavernous interior of the Suppressor F51 case will allow for various configurations, and the sound absorption materials used in the top and sides panels should provide a quieter computing experience. With the included front 200mm fan providing the air flow for the interior components and the rear 140mm fan to draw the heated air out of the case, the computer system should stay cool and operating at peak efficiency even during load.

Devoid of the exterior frills of other gaming cases, the Suppressor F51 lends a demure presence on your desk or floor. Of course with the side window version you have the opportunity to add your own eye candy with a custom LED lighting setup.

For many years Thermaltake has provided computer users and enthusiasts many reliable products. Thermaltake has a stated mission of “Delivering the perfect user experience” and the Suppressor F51 mid-tower case certainly continues that legacy."

Marvin Purdy - Neoseeker.

Thermaltake Suppressor F51 review by Neoseeker - Introduction & Conclusion.