Thursday, November 5, 2015

APH Networks Writes GSkill F4-3000C15D-16GVRB Is The Chosen One...

"If you were to buy RAM today for your new build today, in my personal opinion, it all boils down to one rather trivial question: Which heatspreader do you like more? If you like a more traditional and visually complex design, the Ripjaws V is for you. If you want a cleaner, more modern design, the Trident Z is where the money is. You cannot go wrong with any one of these high bandwidth, big capacity, and low latency memory kits either way -- so evaluate at your priorities, no matter how trivial, and choose accordingly."

Jonathan Kwan - APH Networks.

G.Skill F4-3000C15D-16GVRB DDR4-3000 memory kit review by APH Networks - Introduction & Conclusion.