Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Techspot Compare 2015 Nvidia & ATI Graphic Card Performances - Some Surprises!

"gamers will be just as happy with either the GTX 750 Ti or R7 360, but we prefer the GTX 750 Ti for its superior efficiency. The $150-$199 comparison is much the same, but we would go with the R7 370 over the GTX 950. The R9 380 is your best bet at $200-$249, and the GTX 970 is a smart pick at $300. If your GPU budget extends to $400-$499 we recommend the R9 390X, and if you're going to drop $500 or more the GTX 980 Ti is your best bet. The three definitive picks we've made are the GTX 980 Ti over the Fury X, the R9 390X over the GTX 980 and the R9 380 over the GTX 960."

Steven Walton - Techspot.

2015 Nvidia and ATI graphics card chipsets compared by TechSpot - Introduction & Conclusion.