Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Headin2001 From OCAU Forums Reviewed ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO Motherboard

"Asus and the Republic of Gamers have come up with another fantastic board for the enthusiast. The software included is plentiful and covers everything you could possibly need to use your motherboard the way it’s designed. From the included AiSuite for in OS overclocking and fan controls, to the LED Control Centre for adding that personal touch, it’s all there. The looks carry on the now long traditional red and black theme with shades of grey. The VRM setup is top notch, and the heatsink cooling it does a fantastic job. Matt black finish to the PCB itself allows everything to tie in together nicely. The board layout is well thought out to remove the chance of any unnecessary conflicts between cables and GPU’s or other add-in cards."

headin2001 - OCAU forum member.

ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO review on OCAU forums - Full review.