Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Modders Inc Report Bitfenix Alchemy Connect LED Kits Take Modding Back To Roots - YOUR Creativity!

"The original Alchemy LED kit itself is impressive for its ease of use and compatibility. It is not just for cases either, for the creative types, incorporating the Alchemy LED kits into components such as graphics cards, RAM, radiators or motherboards is limited only by ones imagination, especially the 12cm version which might be too short for most cases but fitting for illuminating small components. Users can also mount the LEDs inside fan frames to quickly make a standard fan into an LED fan. This is very effective as well if the blades are transparent or complimentary to the LED kit color. The Bitfenix Alchemy LED kit is simple but it fosters creativity in many ways, which is what modding is really about."

Ron Perillo - Modders Inc.

Bitfenix Alchemy LED kit review by Modders Inc - Full review.