Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ars Technica Discuss 4K Gaming In 2015

"Aside from the benefits of a larger workspace, or increased sharpness with desktop scaling, the PC—and not the console—is the only place where you can game at native 4K, and at a distance where such a high resolution makes a visible difference. While you can technically play almost any PC game at 4K, doing so is an enormous strain on resources. Despite huge advances in GPU technology, 4K is still very much the realm of the enthusiast, where £500 (~$700) graphics cards are all but required to play the latest games. That's not to say you can't play in 4K with a mid-range card, but it all depends on the sacrifices you're willing to make to rendering quality and frame rate in exchange for all those extra pixels."

Mark Walton - Ars Technica.

Read the full article on Ars Technica. Looking into 4k gaming? Look no further!