Thursday, November 26, 2015

Put A Riing On It Says Think Computers - An RGB Riing For That Special System In Your Life!

"Another important characteristic of fans is how quiet they are. The hydraulic bearing on these fans self-lubricates with a high quality, friction-reducing substance which lowers operating noise and improves efficiency. The fans also have anti-vibration rubber pads on each corner. Remember you can turn the fans down too the low noise level which is 29% quieter.

Of course the big selling point for these fans is the RGB LED ring that sits on the inside of each fan. These add a cool feature to your build and when running do look pretty awesome. The LED ring is RGB so you can select between 256 different colors. The included controller makes this possible, you can select red, blue, white, and green pre-programmed colors or you can go into 256 color mode which cycles through all 256 colors. While in 256 color mode you can hit the pause button on the controller to lock in that color. You also have the ability to turn the LED ring off if you want."

Bob Buskirk - Think Computers.

Thermaltake Riing RGB fans reviewed by Think Computers - Introduction & Conclusion.