Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wolfclaw Devour gamepad reviewed by Xtremecomputing

"After all my testing I can truly say that I would not swap my Wolf Claw Devour Gaming Pad with any other now or in the near future. The keys are really responsive and I prefer the style and functionality quality of the whole design. Not only is this device Light and easy to carry around, once used to it your game slightly improves. The main problem not having a keyboard to type, but i believe this is the best GamingPad/Keyboard I have ever used and is the most comfortable. If I was really desperate to type I would even go as far as using one of these and a regular keyboard. Even though it defeats the point I found the Devour to be the perfect gaming keyboard. If you are after a Gamers Pad/Keyboard I would defiantly give this a shot not only does it look good with its radical sleek design it works Xtremely well (excuse the pun) my number one choice of gaming Pad."

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