Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thermaltake Frio CPU cooler review on Techpowerup

"Thermaltake's Frio overall is an excellent cooler. The price is well within reason even for someone on a tight budget. It includes mounting hardware for use on any modern CPU socket including both AMD and Intel. With its unique new design coupled with five massive 8 mm heatpipes and two high CFM 120 mm fans the Frio performs just as good as it looks. As with past offerings from Thermaltake, both fans have separate speed adjustment knobs for fine tuning a balance between performance and noise levels to cater to any user's liking... Thermaltakes Frio has surpassed my expectations. It performs on par with similar coolers from other manufacturers and beats many of them in my testing. If you are looking for an excellent performing cooler with looks to match, Frio is one to consider."