Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thermaltake M9 Sux Air Hard!

The Thermaltake M9 system housing has always been a popular mainstream chassis line appealing to gamers, enthusiasts, home users and system builders alike. Should you be a system builder, wanting an included power supply, look no further than the M9 with 430w PSU, which offers excellent overall chassis features.

If you build systems and have had issues with the recent move of the PSU mount from the top to the bottom of the chassis (mainly due to cable lengths), then the M9 is FOR THE WIN! says:
One word describes my feelings about the Thermaltake M9 VI1000BWS - fantastic! It performed very well in my tests, looks awesome, and the included 120mm fans manage to push a good amount of air while remaining very quiet. The tool-less drive bays and expansion slot retainers were very well made - I didn’t even break one! From top to bottom, this is my favorite mid tower so far, and its very reasonable price makes it an even more attractive option. The M9 also provides good ventilation; my only disappointment arose from the mediocre CPU and GPU temperature test results - and unfortunately, those numbers are of the highest importance to enthusiasts. Overall, I think Thermaltake's M9 is an attractive case that offers plenty of cool features and solid performance - and I certainly won't be turning it into a wood burning stove anytime soon!