Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mushkin , Enhancing Australian PCs

Want a faster, smoother-running computer? You'll need quality memory. Whose memory modules can you count on? Easy answer: Mushkin Enhanced is the only option when you're looking for the best results. Whether you're looking for an advantage in online gaming, want to rock the world with your music or multimedia productions, or need rock solid performance for your business, Mushlin Enhanced got you covered.

Memory products to build a high performance rig for gaming or bandwidth hungry applications.

Hunt down the competition...

Look great, perform greater. Introducing Ridgeback™, a memory cooling solution that offers no compromises. Designed to deliver serious heat transfer performance in an elegant, low-profile design, Ridgeback delivers both the performance you need and the look you want. Ridgeback's fin array has been carefully engineered to surpass the heat transfer performance of much larger designs. This small footprint improve airflow, keeps your memory modules running cool and clean, and results in a lower total system temperature.

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Upgrade or build your desktop system to run smoother and more effectively, whatever your use.

Get everything your notebook system is capable of with our notebook memory upgrades.
Maximize response and speed from your server or workstation system with buffering and error correction features to ensure reliability.

Apple Memory
Designed for maxmimum compatibility and performance with Apple systems.

Mushkin Enhanced offer an extensive range of products designed to enhance your computing experience, whatever use you may have in mind! Mushkin Enhanced merchandise is constructed from only the highest quality of components and is painstakingly tested to provide you with the extreme performance and reliability you demand and the optimal enthusiast experience you deserve. Mushkin's passion for product and high calibre service has earned them a reputation of unparalleled quality and industry leading excellence in support.

The Mushkin Enhanced Redline Series stands in a class by itself. No other memory modules on the face of the globe can compare with the Redline in terms of performance or speed. Redline Series modules grace the world's most elite systems; if you want your rig to be world-class as well, just take the Redline.

Simple, effective engineering.
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Sometimes simplicity delivers great results. In the case of the world-renowned Mushkin Enhanced FrostByte™ heatsink, you can expect top-quality memory cooling in an incredibly effective design. Every nook, cranny and curve on the FrostByte™ serves an important purpose. The distinctive upper cage provides greater surface area for heat dissipation, as well as a turbulence pocket for greater airflow. In addition, the pressure clips combine with a top-quality thermal pad to provide optimal thermal transfer. With memory modules outfitted with a FrostByte™ heatsink, you can expect reliable cooling with a classic, elegant appearance.

The Mushkin Enhanced Blackline Series defines what 'performance' RAM truly is. The Blackline Series will bring your computer to a new plateau, giving you that extra edge on your artboard, on that battle map, or in the studio.

The Mushkin Enhanced Silverline Series is ideal for DIY'ers and system builders who know they want high performance, but also need to keep costs under control. Silverline modules are hand-tested and primed for use just like our celebrated Redline™ and Blackline™ Series, and can come equipped with a silver FrostByte or Stiletto heatsink. If you're wanting a big bang for the buck, your silver lining is in Silverline.

Standards-based memory upgrades that offer maximum compatibility for PC systems and motherboards.

Introducing: Callisto deluxe™
Meet Callisto deluxe, the latest SSD from the most prestigious name in performance computing With a massive leap in Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS) over previous- generation SSDs combined with the industry’s most stringent quality-control standards, Callisto deluxe delivers more.
60GB 120GB and 240GB