Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mushkin quality and performance at Mainstream pricing.

The home or work PC is a big part of our life and it’s amazing how lost people get when something goes wrong with the PC they use every day.
The Mushkin Enhanced Silverline Series is ideal for DIY'ers and system builders who know they want high quality and performance, but also need to keep costs under control. Silverline modules are hand-tested and primed for use just like Mushkin celebrated Redline™ and Blackline™ Series, and can come equipped with a silver FrostByte or Stiletto heatsink. If you're wanting quality and a big bang for the buck, your silver lining is in Silverline.

The Stiletto™ heatsink by Mushkin Enhanced allows for an upgrade to better performance without a huge investment. Achieve faster and fresher response, increased stability, and an overall more enjoyable performance from your system by installing modules equipped with Stiletto™