Thursday, July 8, 2010

Roll it Now! Bone Collection 3 Roll for Earphone

To get the best from your portable music player, whether it is an iPod or other Mp3 player, discman or even an old sk00l walkman, you need great earphones! Quality earphones aren’t cheap and storing your ear buds whilst not in use is often an after thought, potentially leading to damage when they're tightly wrapped around your music player, or just loose inside your pockets, school bag, backpack or personal luggage. Avoid damaging your earphones with the 3Roll for L type personal audio earphones from Bone Collection. The 3Roll is a compact and washable soft silicone storage case designed to keep your earphones tangle free and in pristine condition whilst not in use. Protect your earphones from damage caused by cable stretch, scratching and other mishaps caused by careless handling or storage and keep your earphones in top condition for what they do best, taking you away from the daily commute and reducing your stress levels by just letting you escape the grind with an uplifting tune or album. This triangular design silicone protective jacket is specially designed for L type ear buds, such as the Ultimate Ears Loud Enough, SuperFi & TripleFi series. Convenient and compact, the fourteen gram 3Roll from Bone Collection will not add to travel weight with its dimensions of only 57x54x27mm