Thursday, July 8, 2010

Link it now! Bone Collection Link II

The Bone Link II from Bone Collection is a pocket sized adapter cable which allows you to connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad to any computer USB port or USB charger for practical syncing and charging on the fly. With its durability, small size and flexible design, the Bone Link II offers the perfect solution for charging and syncing your favourite digital accessory whilst travelling, in the office or anywhere a spare USB port is available. Fully compatible with Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano & iPod mini, this adapter cable can also be used for trickle charging of the new iPad (Please note that charging your iPad via 5W USB may report no charging on the iPad screen). With dimensions of 26x81x8mm and a weight of 13g, this tiny adapter enables easy, trouble free charging and data synchronisation, but will not add to your baggage or travel weight. The perfect traveller’s companion!