Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thermaltake's Dokker Mid Tower Chassis Review By HightechLegion

"Considering the price, the Thermaltake Dokker mid-tower case does a good job of providing useful enthusiast features while leaving plenty of options for performance upgradeability. First and foremost, the temperatures are excellent, despite only having a single fan installed. Due to the fact that it is a high airflow design, heat can freely escape, while cooler air is drawn in from multiple angles including the front, sides and bottom. Users with tall aftermarket heatsinks have nothing to worry about as the Thermaltake Dokker can fit a 162mm tall cooler. Large video cards are not a problem either as the HD6990 can easily fit without any fancy maneuvering with some room to spare. All the drive bays have a completely tool-less installation which are easy to use"

Ron Perillo - HitechLegion

Thermaltake Dokker mid tower chassis review by HitechLegion - Introduction & Conclusion.

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