Friday, May 4, 2012

Gunnar - Ergonomics For YOUR Future & How The Eyewear Works Video!

"Ergonomics has become a course study in not only psychology but physiology & behavioral sciences as well. It has become an area of medical concern, a workers compensation standard and something most employers take seriously and are generally willing to pay for if you can demonstrate a need (yes, you can convince your boss to buy you a pair of Gunnars for work.)

Ergonomics has become more than just physical comfort in the office, but has branched out into many other industries. Though it is in the office environment that we think of ergonomics the most, and while innovations are being made there, they are also being made in gaming ergonomics as well, with a bit of crossover."

Curtis Silver - Gunnar Community Blog

Read Curtis' full post on the importance of ergonomics in the office and at home.

Mittoni offers a wide and ever increasing range of Gunnar Digital Eyewear, designed to combat eye fatigue and many other common complaints for users of digital display devices - from TVs, computers and game consoles, to smart phones and more!

Check out Gunnar's latest video - "How Do They Work?"