Thursday, May 31, 2012

2012: Coming to Power - SimHQ's PC Sim Racing Preview Update 1

"As the year progresses, themes emerging are many: venerable sims like Simbin’s Race Series being enhanced with updates and add-on packs, as well as the Race Room experience continuing; prolonging the life of the original product while we wait for the studio’s first all-new sim in years. GTR 3 — learning that Henrik Roos has left the position as CEO of Simbin is puzzling at best, and that World of Mass Development / Slightly Mad Studios are currently rewriting their business model and forewarning the community that access to the paid alpha versions of their Project CARS, the Community Assisted Race Simulation may soon be closed, hinting that development funds might soon be flowing freely through the company being integrated into something bigger, better, and with ISI facing increasing community pressure to overhaul their mind-bending mod system it seems the road to glory never runs smooth."

Read the full preview & commentary on SimHQ.

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