Friday, May 4, 2012

Ask Slashdot: DIY NAS For a Variety of Legacy Drives?

"I have at least 10 assorted hard drives ranging from 100 GB to 3 TB, and including external drives, IDE desktop drives, laptop drives, etc. What's the best way to setup a home NAS to utilize all this 'excess' space? And could it be setup with redundancy built-in so a single drive failure would cause no data loss? I don't need anything fancy. Visibility to networked Windows PCs is great; ability to streak to Roku / iPad / Toshiba etc would be great but not necessary. What's the best way to accomplish this goal?"

Check out the full thread on Slashdot.

The reality is, it's probably just easier to purchase one of our Thermaltake MUSE Landisk enclosures if you want to re-use an older IDE drive. If it's SATA drives you want to re-use, then our Lian Li EX-20N is the perfect solution! Perhaps you've a true pile of older drives of mixed interfaces (like I do!), then the Wicked Wired USB 2.0 To 2.5" + 3.5" + 5.25" IDE (PATA & SATA) Powered Adapter is the fella you seek. Bought one yet?