Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thermaltake 850w Toughpower Grand Cable Management PSU Review On RBmods

"Deviation on all rails stayed within .1 volt under the simulated, and real world loads. While we are not able to really overwhelm this PSU with the test rig thrown at it, it instills confidence that we couldnt even register a >.1 deviation while spinning up 4 drives and throwing the GPU load at it. I would say outside of a space heater, you are just not going to saturate this.Overall give this device serious consideration. It’s a contender, and quick forum looks indicate some users stretching this thing reliably closer to 1KW. Pair that with a 7 year OEM warranty on a high failure rate device and you’ve got an absolute prize."

Adam Montoya - RBmods

Thermaltake 850w Toughpower Grand PSU review by RBmods - Introduction & Conclusion.