Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why You Should Never, Ever, Ever Have An Unsecured Wi-Fi Network!

"Here’s a reminder that you should never, ever, ever have a Wi-Fi network without a password on it. Police in Indiana called up the SWAT team to raid an 18-year-old girl’s house by smashing her front window and throwing two flashbangs inside because of her open Wi-Fi network."

Casey Chan - Gizmodo

Read the full story on Gizmodo. You can view the Police SWAT team raid footage on Tristatehomepage..... Scary stuff peeps - So check your Wi-Fi security today!

Personally, I've always had an "expert" (ok.... hacker!) war dial my networks after setting up at each location - what is your trick to ensure a 'reasonoble' level of security? Give us your comments and suggestions!