Friday, July 13, 2012

GizmosForGeeks Review CH Products' Flight Sim Yoke, Rudder Pedals & Throttle Quadrant

"The geeks have spent the last two months putting these units through their paces. We have to admit, if you’re into flight simming, and fly a lot of GA or Airliners, there’s a LOT to like here (the yoke doesn’t really feel as accurate when flying jet fighter planes or helicopters. CH makes a pair of compatible controllers for those as well though.) The units are very well built with heavy plastic used throughout. The units feel very durable, with good responsiveness on all buttons, switches, levers and motions. Adding these units really has improved our flight sim experiences. You really feel like you’re controlling a big multi engine commercial airliner with these units."

Doug Felteau - GizmosForGeeks

Read Doug's full CH Products bundle review. Got the itch to try landing a 747 full of passengers with a heavy crosswind? You'll surely want to grab CH's flight sim yoke, pro pedals & throttle quadrant - all in stock @ Mittoni!

Not sure how a yoke functions? Check out the below video!