Friday, July 6, 2012

DCS: P-51D Mustang - Now Available For Pre-Purchase!

Such exciting news from the Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) team of late! P-51D Mustang is now available for pre-purchase (SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT - HELL YEAH!) & SimHQ have some screenies of another DCS project based on Combined Arms. I'm so excited, think I need to change my flight suit!

Got love for the P51 Mustang but haven't a controller to tame the beast? Stop by the hanger and take a look at Mittoni's virtual flight kit:

Flight controllers.
Head trackers.
Cockpits & game seats.
Immersive full spectrum gaming headsets.
Immersive full spectrum sound cards.

Peeps have often asked me why I push sound peripherals for simulation gaming - the answer is simple: Nothing gives you the FEEL of flying an aircraft like the Mustang better than quality, immersive sound. From starting up on the field, to takeoff, cruising and landing - LIVE IT - Don't EVER just play it......

After all - your Mustang should sound like one!

Keep tight & check your six!