Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SimHQ Review CH Products Flightstick Pro, Combatstick 568, Fighterstick & Pro Throttle - OMG What A Round Up!

"The FighterStick USB is an improvement on a great product... The original CH Products Gameport FighterStick. I have utilized the Gameport version with great satisfaction for several years, and other than USB benefits and better programming protocol, there is not much that can, or should be improved. If I could "magically" have anything I wanted in a Joystick it would not have any more features than the FighterStick USB. If you are a serious flight sim enthusiast and want the best HOTAS system available, the FighterStick USB is a great place to begin!

...The range of the CH Products USB joystick line provides choice and the ability to customize your HOTAS. Any gamer can design a HOTAS system as complex or as simple as either their requirements or budget dictate. You can also build it as your budget allows... get the FighterStick USB and Pro Throttle USB now and add the USB Pro Pedals when you can afford to. The selection of what manufacturer's hardware is best for your HOTAS will generally boil down to personal taste, but if you decide to go with the CH Products you will not be disappointed. The "fit", function, quality, reliability, and company support are outstanding. I highly recommend them."

Vince "Beer Camel" Putze - SimHQ

CH Products USB Joysticks & Pro Throttle reviewed by SimHQ - Introduction & Conclusion.