Friday, June 15, 2012

Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing Kit Reviewed By SimHQ

"Thrustmaster has provided the sim racing community with a truly top-tier controller for carving up the virtual track. Although large and heavy — and with a heavy price tag — the wheel sets a new standard for force feedback and rotation in both quality and quantity. The pedal base has all the customizable options you'd expect on a high-end product and shows that Thrustmaster didn't skimp on this oft-neglected, yet critical component of a sim racing controller. The button layout, while very PS3-centric, is also quite well laid out for any sim racing application. The use of Hall Effect sensors gives consumers a product with a high degree of accuracy, reliability and durability."

Chunx - SimHQ

Thrustmaster T500 RS review by SimHQ - Introduction & Conclusion.