Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Flight Simulation Endeavor - SimHQ Interview Rise of Flight's Jason Williams of 777 Studios & Albert Zhiltsov

"It has been three years since virtual pilots were first able to take to the Sky's in Rise of Flight. From a slightly troubled release, Rise of Flight has grown into what is universally recognized as one of the greatest flight simulators ever created — repeatedly setting new precedents for simulation design and being irresistible to players.

To celebrate this occasion Jason Williams of 777 Studios and Albert Zhiltsov took some time to give us a fascinating interview. I think I speak for everyone in the community when I express our appreciation for the depth, eloquence and quality of answers — as well as for the time set aside to share knowledge with us. Both personally, and on behalf of SimHQ, I'd like to express my pleasure at being able to help bring this out."

Jonas "Avimimus" Weslake-George - SimHQ

Read the full article on SimHQ.

Personally, I find the ***FREE TO PLAY*** Rise of Flight very liberating after logging serious channel patrol hours in IL2: Cliffs Of Dover. That's not to say it's less challenging - just very different in "feel"!

But what kit to pack for your next knife-fight? In the hanger we have:

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