Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day Z - Surviving The Amazingly Popular Zombie Apocalypse Mod For ArmA2

"Welcome to Chernarus. A 225 km2 open world post-soviet state and one of the areas hit by a new and presently unknown infection which has wiped out most of the world's population. You are one of the few who have survived and now you must search this new wasteland in order to fight for your life against what is left of the indigenous population, now infected with the disease.

Go Solo, team up with friends or take on the world as you choose your path in this brutal and chilling landscape using whatever means you stumble upon to survive.

This is Day Z - This is your story."

So..... When you pack your kit for a zombie apocalypse, what is the most important tool you'll want to take along? Hmmmmm...... Crowbar? No. Machete? Nooooo. Baseball bat? Noooooooo. TrackIR? Yes!

Nothing adds immersion and puts your head in the game like NaturalPoint's TrackIR series of products! The end is nigh, make sure you go down fighting...... So kit up & get yourself a TrackIR today!

Find out more about the most popular mod in the steam gaming community on the DayZ website.

Game Mod Trailer: