Friday, June 22, 2012

SimHQ Review New WWII Game Iron Front: Liberation 1944

"Iron Front: Liberation 1944 is a solid package based on the long running and well supported Arma engine. The content speaks of a close attention to detail and quality, throughout. It includes a base of single player and multiplayer missions that provide a decent start, and the well known Arma 2 style mission editor for quality third party mission options. Iron Front's unique tank combat experience has been fun so far, and a high point of my multiplayer experiences. Those looking for some World War II based infantry and armor gameplay can find a lot to enjoy in this product."

adlabs6 - SimHQ

Read the Iron Front: Liberation 1944 full review on SimHQ.

Based on the ArmA2 engine, Iron Front supports NaturalPoint's TrackIR series of headtrackers enabling the ultimate immersion into this new WW2 gaming experience! Check into Iron Front support on NaturalPoint's website. You can also look into the entire TrackIR supported game titles list.

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