Friday, June 8, 2012

Often Imitated But Never Duplicated - Introducing Fluid XP+ Coolants For Liquid Cooled Systems!

Fluid XP+ coolant, the only documented scientifically proven water substitute for liquid cooled computers. Often imitated but never duplicated, Fluid XP+ pride themselves in having the highest standards for all their coolants & cleaners. Fluid XP+ have been making coolants for industry since 2003 and offer coolants for every budget and need. Simply put, no one makes a product that performs better and is tested by several independent bodies for non conductivity and safety for the computer, people and the environment.

Let's see what reviewers have to say about Fluid XP+:

"If you're thinking of venturing into the water cooling scene for the first time but are worried about the risks involved, then Fluid XP+ could well be the answer to your problems. As the video shows, powered components submerged in Fluid XP+ are fully capable of working again after being given time to dry. Protection that you wouldn't normally get with de-ionised water or other conductive solutions.

In addition to this, Fluid XP+ also has very similar thermal performance to untreated water, making it a great candidate for those of us who want the improved temperatures associated with plain water but without the algae and corrosion."

James Napier - Overclock3d - Read more.

"In my opinion, the selling point on this stuff is the safety. Everything added to FluidXP is approved by the FDA as safe food based ingredients. You can spill a little of this on the floor and not worry about your cat licking it and dying."

Paul - ClubOC - Read more.

"While doing an overnight leak check on a new beta water block, the water block developed a leak and nearly drained the entire system. Thankfully, the system still had enough Fluid XP circulating to keep the system from burning up, but what was amazing was the entire motherboard and CPU was soaked in Fluid XP, yet kept operating as if nothing was wrong. If this had been ordinary tap water, this test system would have been destroyed. Seeing is believing and I definitely believe in Fluid XP!"

Matt - ClubOC - Read more.

If liquid cooling wets your whistle and bling is your thing, head on over to Mittoni's Fluid XP+ product listings and pick up some flava for your fully sic rig!!!