Thursday, July 21, 2011

Q&A with Auzentech - What makes an Auzen audio card an AUZEN audio card?

Consider your inner audiophile. That's the part of you that loves fidelity and multi channel playback. The side of you that realizes down sampled music is missing something. The portion of your mind that thinks two channel stereo is about 5.1 channels too few. It's the part of you that wants an audio sound card.

Considering your inner audiophile, you sense that something has gone terribly wrong. Just when true lossless recording and playback is possible without any of flaws introduced from analog recording and playback, the age of MP3 players arrived. Portability became more important than fidelity. Enthusiasm about music is everywhere. And everywhere that music is downsampled using mediocre audio sound cards... Your inner audiophile is less than happy.

If your inner audiophile is feeling ignored, an Auzentech audio sound card can help!

Bask in pure digital bitstreams played through your external AV receivers. Rock to directly powered multi-channel speakers. And in a pinch, experience virtual surround sound using only two speakers or headphones. The sound is crisp and true to the original source. If you're serious about audio, you need to get a serious audio sound card.

Q: How are Auzentech sound cards better than motherboard sound cards including boards that use the C-Media chipset?
A: At the heart of Auzentech sound cards are either C-Media chipsets (X-Meridian, X-Raider & X-Studio) or the Creative X-Fi chipset (X-Fi HomeTheater HD, X-Fi Forte & X-Fi Bravura). Auzentech engineers designed their sound cards specifically for these chipsets.

Q: How are Auzentech sound cards better than other cards using the same chipset?
A: The only similarity, if any, would be the chipset. Unlike many manufacturers, Auzentech does not copy the "reference" PCI board design provided by the chipset manufacturer. Auzentech sound cards are custom designed and the board is built from the highest quality components.

Q: What is so special about Auzentech circuit board design?
A: Auzen's design is completely their own, designed by engineers who are experts in digital and analog audio - they are audiophiles! That's why Auzentech designs sound cards with a 4 layer printed circuit board (PCB). Other cards use a 2 layer PCB. Auzentech need more PCBs because they use more components. A 2 layer PCB with all the components Auzen include would be closer to the size of a motherboard!

Q: Why should I care about circuit board design?
A: When two sound cards include the same chipset, it is the board which makes them different.

Q: Why do you use more components on your sound cards?
A: More components produce better audio, if you know how to use them, and if they are of high quality. An analog signal, for example, will degrade the farther it travels along a circuit. Auzen use additional components to enhance the quality all along the board. You can see this yourself. Compare the number of components on the X-Fi Forte and X-Fi Bravura alongside Creative sound cards also based around the X-Fi chipset. Study the cards for a while and you will begin to see why Auzentech cards sound better.

In the end, the proof is in the listening and the result of Auzen's insistence on quality components is amazing, audiophile quality sound.