Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lian Li PC-C32 Rackmountable Desktop & HTPC chassis review on XSReviews

"The thing that’s hard to explain with this case is the engineering skill that has gone into it. There are many cases that pack features in, but bits don’t line up, screw threads aren’t perfect and you have to force bits into place. The Lian Li PC-C32 is nothing like that; every screw glides in, everything slots in perfectly and it just screams quality... Overall this is a solid case, with features that you don’t normally find on a desktop enclosure, like the rear-loading PSU or rack mounting ability. If you are looking for a horizontal desktop case, or even a media PC, give the Lian Li PC-C32 a good look."


Lian Li PC-C32 chassis review by XSReviews - Introduction & Conclusion.