Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lian Li PC-P80N review on Tweaktown

"The things I came to expect with Lian Li are not lost with this new arrival. There is the typical brushed aluminum exterior Lian Li owners have loved for years. It also comes with the strikingly opposite, bare aluminum interior and rear panel. That is a combination that every time I see, I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside. What you don't know at first glance is that Lian Li not only offers you a huge case with the latest sample, but it seems they also took a new approach on a few things inside and out. This should offer a better user experience during the build process and in maintenance, as well as aesthetically appealing to the younger crowd as well.

The chassis we are going to be looking at over the next few pages is the Lian Li Armorsuit PC-P80N. To give you the basic rundown before you see the specs, let me try to draw a picture. A lot of brushed black aluminum, a bold front door with styling that is carried over into almost a complete raised section from the front at the bottom, around the top and ending at the rear of the chassis. Add in six fans, room for a huge amount of equipment justifying its over sized full tower stature, eleven expansion slots, room for twelve hard drives… I should really stop, as I just keep getting carried away trying to describe this chassis without giving it all away too early.

Chad Sebring - Tweaktown

Lian Li PC-P80N review by Tweaktown - Introduction & Conclusion.