Thursday, July 21, 2011

A boatload of features! The audio card which leads them all - X-Fi HomeTheater HD

The Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater HD is recognised as the leading retail PC audio solution available to consumers world wide. Topping all comers from Asus, Creative and the other major players in the PC audio market, the X-Fi HomeTheater HD is renowned as the best sounding, most well rounded package released to date for layman to audiophile. Just take a look at some reviews:

"This card offered a boatload of features to the end user, full analog, SPDIF digital and HDMI output standards to boot. While HDMI output is a great feature on this card it is only one feature among many. There are many kinds of users and this card seems to be targeting as wide an audience as possible. No matter what you’re after, Gaming, Music, DVD, BD Media or high resolution options for your desktop or HTPC, the Auzentech Home Theater HD 7.1 has you covered. The fact that this card negates the need for a receiver is an awesome feature to those without the required external gear. Offering full surround sound with no destructive compression routines and preserving the original audio content as originally recorded. Yes, it is a great time for PC audio!... Based on our testing, the sound quality produced by the Home Theater HD 7.1 and the sheer features set this card is highly recommend by the Guru3D audio Lab. If you’re looking for an excellent sounding well rounded audio card, you can put the Auzentech Home Theater HD 7.1 to the top of your list."

X-Fi HomeTheater HD HDMI v1.3a PCIe Sound Card review by Guru3D - Full Article.

"Over the half a year that the Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater HD worked in my computer, it never gave me a single reason to be disappointed but provoked positive emotions only. Although the HDMI output and the support for multichannel HD audio are not exclusive features anymore, no other sound card can match the mix of qualities Auzentech offers in its latest product. The card differs from its main opponent ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 with the X-Fi audio processor which is still unrivalled in games. Sound cards from Creative with the same processor (excepting the newest Titanium HD) are much inferior in sound quality and cannot transfer multichannel audio over HDMI. And none of these opponents can boast an integrated headphone amplifier with a dedicated output or a semiprofessional microphone amplifier."

X-Fi HomeTheater HD HDMI v1.3a PCIe Sound Card review by XbitLabs - Full Article.