Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The New PC-Q27 From Lian Li On Tweaktown

"Stability in the chassis is very good. I removed many components trying out various mounting positions for the hard drives, and just to see if once all you had was the shell left, can the chassis still stand on its own. What I found is that it is in fact very solid in its construction. I do believe the compact nature of this specific case helps, but none the less, the PC-Q27 B is solid as a rock and vibration free when in use. There can be hard drives almost anywhere you could think to put them, you have room for an ODD, and with it being fan less, this is also a perfect solution for those looking for something for their HTPC. Inside and out, no matter what part of the chassis, I like what I see."

Chad Sebring - Tweaktown.

Lian Li PC-Q27 review by Tweaktown - Introduction & Conclusion.