Monday, June 24, 2013

Pro-Clockers Check Out The Thermaltake Urban S21 Chassis

"For a long time I have waited for Thermaltake to release a case what could be classified as elegant and sleek. Well, my wish has come true with the Urban series. This is my first look into the series and hopefully not my last as there are larger versions is the Urban S21. The Urban S21 is the smallest of the group but still portray the looks that anyone would be looking for in a classy case. Visually, the entire exterior surface is smooth and worthy of being displayed in any room of a typical house including the living room where people tend to be a little more discriminatory.

Yes, the Urban S21 is a refined case but if is still capable of servicing those that are looking for a modest gaming rig. There is plenty of room for multiple long video cards and plenty of space for a decent amount of mechanical storage devices and we know many gamers and enthusiasts are into water-cooling. With the S21, you can take advantage of the many 120mm mountable all-in-one coolers like the Thermaltake Water 2.0 Performer and Pro. Not into water? Well, there is plenty of width in the case to support some large air-coolers like the Thermaltake Frio series."

Tony Walker - Pro-Clockers.

Thermaltake Urban S21 chassis review by Pro-Clockers - Introduction & Conclusion.