Friday, June 21, 2013

EVGA GTX 770 SC With ACX Cooling Review By NinjaLane

"EVGA raises the bar even further with the SC edition by bumping the base clock and memory speed for even more performance. Nice. Now, throw in the ACX system and you can count on 20% better cooling efficiency, a reduced sound signature and a marked increase in the expected life span of the card. Since ACX is a replacement to the reference cooler you can enjoy all of these benefits with almost no change to the power draw even at load. There is a price premium for the ACX cooling solution but at around $20 more this is an upgrade you can afford to pay for."

Darren McCain - NinjaLane.

EVGA GTX 770 Superclocked With ACX Cooler review by NinjaLane - Introduction & Conclusion.